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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last Day Of Spring Cleaning

Our house is spotless at least it was until Michael let Emmi come inside downstairs where she promptly ran up the stairs and all the way back to the master bathroom to find me----with muddy feet!!  There was almost a murder in our household!! Surprised smile

Over 5o degrees today, snow is melting fast, rivers running off the roof, lots and lots of sticky mud.  Michael got the horse shelter upright, hopefully it will stay upright for a few more years!

I got out all the spring quilts and table toppers today—convincing myself spring is really here!  At least the bright colors make me smile! 

Granddaughter Katie took my teasing in stride yesterday.  She has a blog, Live. Laugh. Love. Every. Single. Day, check it out.  Katie and her husband moved to eastern Montana this past fall so Katie could take her first teaching job, she teaches kindergarten in a small rural school and has six children in her class.  Her husband Michael (yep, we have two Michael’s in the family) manages a fertilizer operation.  They are both native Montanans and miss our mountains living out on the flats of eastern Montana.

It is a beautiful day—bright sunshine, not too much wind, warmer temps—should be like this for a few days.

Guess I should figure out what to fix for dinner since I fed him a grilled ham and cheese for lunch???



  1. GREAT photos ~ I love them!!!
    Have fun

  2. Snow almost gone - that's nice. We just got a fresh load this morning! Can't imagine a class with only 6 students - how nice. Can give lots of attention to the kids that way. I'll check out her blog.

  3. Doesn't look like there are to many snakes hanging out on that well mowed pathway yet.

  4. Mike looks a lot more at home than he did down there in Florida...

  5. Beautiful pics.
    I feel your pain on muddy paws, has happened to me more than once.

  6. It's funny for a reader to read about Emmi leaving her muddy tracks in the house...but it's not funny for the recipient of that action. Yikes! I am sure that Michael felt really bad about that!

  7. butterbean carpenterMarch 22, 2012 at 12:46 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    Sure is good to see Micke in his home territory and standing upright.
    Emmi was just trying to show how much she loves you!!! Yeah right!!
    Mike looks a lot more natural with
    the snow and mountains in the pics.
    I'm glad you got your Florida fix, snakes, alligators and all!! Now,
    Arkansas won't seem so 'countrified' and it'll be an enjoyment to go 'home' every once in a while!!


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