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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunshine on Sunday

We were sitting in the clouds again this morning but about the time we headed out on our walk, the fog began to lift and the sun peaked through.IMG_2643IMG_2649Michael got the little car out of the trailer this afternoon, gave it a bath and we drove to town to fill it with gas—it was so fun to be out in that little convertible again!  We spied on John and Peg’s home being built in one of the subdivisions in Big Timber, looking good guys!!  (John and Peg are down in Arizona enjoying some sunshine) We ran into our friend Terry and stopped by to see friends Jim and Kathy on the way home.  One little Ms Emmi was very glad to see us—we didn’t intend to be gone as long as we were! 

It was a pleasant Sunday here in Montana.IMG_2651-001IMG_2655


  1. glad you had a pleasant Sunday!..onward to yet another week!

  2. Loved your photos today! We're just about to leave 'the barn' here and head further north!

  3. Nice Sunday outing taking; a drive and enjoying the sunshine.

  4. I really love the mountain shots. Thanks.


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