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Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting In Shape

A beautiful morning, frosty but sunny!  Michael is intent on my getting in shape I think—I guess he is looking out for my welfare, I am after all going hiking the end of April with Jeane and Jill.  There is a trail we walk leading down along the creek bank—what goes down must come up and the hill to climb back up into the pastures is one steep bugger!!!  I was panting and my heart was pounding by the time I got to the top.  It probably didn’t help my wind any muttering under my breath! 

I spent the morning cleaning the inside of Michael’s truck, aren’t I a good wife??  We bought that truck last summer and the guy we purchased the truck from must have had ten white dogs riding around with him all the time as much dog hair as I vacuumed!  Got out the carpet steamer and shampooed the seats too—it’s looking better I must say, maybe I won’t complain so much about having to ride in it!

After lunch we headed into Big Timber, I had a doctor’s appointment, Michael wanted to talk to our tire guy and also order the injectors for the 2004 Ford truck he left in pieces when we took off for the winter.  In the winter of 2010 we had two rear tires put on the little convertible, when we got home this year Michael noticed the rear tires were bald—yikes!  The tires had only 3500 miles on them and the tread is gone.  Our local tire guy is working with us and the warranty to get some new ones!

And, I may have to find a job to pay for those stupid injectors for the Ford truck—why has our automotive industry invented these vehicles which are so costly to buy and then so costly to repair??  Michael is looking for a 1978-79 truck Smile, at least he can keep those running!

Oh, and we picked up our tax returns, I really may have to find a job!  Smile

The temps dropped this afternoon so much while we were in town we had to put the top up on the car.  Thunder, lightening and a little rain. 



  1. butterbean carpenterMarch 26, 2012 at 8:18 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    Do like Karen Pfundster does and sell some of those quilts on Etsy
    .com!! Y'all could go to Florida

  2. Wow, you have your own personal trainer. Lucky you!!! I need to get going also, if I'm to walk a 5k for a fundraiser for my granddaughter's school in Mpls. Send Mike my way!!1

  3. I have to get Jeanette to read your blog more often. That you cleaned, vacuumed and shampooed Michael's truck is is a 'must read blog'. Good on you!

  4. Yup, there are some quilt sellers on Etsy... might be a good outlet, especially for table runners, mats and wall hangings too! I sell a LOT of socks on there, and some rugs. Most customers will look at the rugs on the site and then contact me for custom sizes or different colors. It's kinda like an on-line catalog for me.

    ps. we sat for five days waiting for a new injector on our motorhome to come in. Turns out we realize now it was only a $20 connector instead of the injector! ack!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Sounds as if someone has been taking drives in the car and burning the tires off of it...


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