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Thursday, March 8, 2012

We May Need An Ark

Parked here in Arkansas in Danny and Ann’s driveway wondering if this soggy ground is going to support us or if we should draw up the plans for a boat!  I went to Wal Mart just after lunch, it was 72 degrees, cloudy and humid.  While in Wal Mart I heard this horrific noise and realized it was rain—pounding rain.  The wind was howling, I was starting to wonder if I should be seeking cover!  When I came out of Wal Mart the rain had let up a little but the temperature had dropped to 55 degrees! 

And the rest of the afternoon and now into the evening it has rained and rained.  Yep, better be drawing up those plans for the boat!

We had a wonderful dinner at Mom’s tonight—ham, baked beans, potato salad, fruit salad and homemade bread.  If nothing else, we eat very well here on Barnes-Hill! 

My sweet niece has the flu—a major case—and I haven’t gotten to see her yet.  My brother is an electrician with the power company here in Arkansas—they have a problem at the power plant and he’s working overtime—haven’t seen him yet, either.  Everyone else is accounted for!  Got my hugs from the great nieces and met the little boy who is living in their home as a foster child. 

This morning before the deluge started Michael and I enjoyed our coffee while watching all the cardinals on Ann’s bird feeders.  Emmi is so enjoying being loose, playing with her ball.  We also got in about a 2 mile walk before the skies opened.

I fixed chicken noodle soup for my niece today—maybe that will help her case of the flu!  And took advantage of the oven in Ann’s house to make several batches of granola.  Tomorrow I may make bread!  Michael and Danny installed Mom’s new cook stove—it has some bugs but I bet these guys can get those figured out.

No photos today.  A good day on Barnes-Hill.


  1. enjoy all the comforts of 'home'!!!

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying the everyday happenings of your family. I hope you get to see them all eventually, before you have to leave.

  3. Nice travel break to spend time with family. Hope your weather improves.

  4. This may sound strange, but I'm kind of looking forward to our first big rainstorm after we get home to Vancouver Island next month.

  5. Hi Janna...if you have time can you tell about making your granola? Inquiring minds would love to know!

  6. Yes it is wet & soggy here in the south!


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