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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back On Our Side Of The River

The park where we stayed last night was so quiet, we both slept like logs.  Michael was up early, he and Emmi went for a walk while I enjoyed my coffee outside our RV on this deck overlooking the lake:IMG_2503Last night we both said, “if it’s a nice day tomorrow, let’s stay another day and put the kayak in the water.”  Not to be, it was cloudy and the wind was all ready starting to make the lake water choppy.  So, off we went.

Out of Alabama, across Mississippi, crossing back into what Michael calls the “right side of that big river.”  We crossed the river at Greenville, Mississippi on what looked to be a new bridge—beautiful structure:IMG_2510Emmi slept the day away on the couch giving me the dirty look when I tried to take photos of her:IMG_2505IMG_2506

Today about 4pm we rolled into a gas station to feed the hungry beast and the owner of the gas station knew me by name—now can anyone guess where we are??

IMG_2519These little ladies are in our yard for the next few days. 

It feels good to stop rolling for a while!


  1. Could it be somewhere West of White Hall?
    Be very glad you avoided having to cross on the old bridge at Greenville. It was a two lane, with pieces of mirror frames always scattered along its length. The new bridge has been open a couple of years, now.
    Wishing you a great visit with family.

  2. I so "get" that right side of the river comment. As much as I love traveling, and want to see Florida, I am always a bit disoriented when east of the Mississippi. Travel safe.

  3. It seems we live over half a year east of the Mississippi & almost half a year west of the Mississippi. I do much prefer the West side:))


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