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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Slow Saturday

We woke to a beautiful morning here in Montana, it is a little hard to believe it is mid-March.  Our ground is dry, too dry, the night time temps are just right at freezing and the daytime temps are in the 60’s.  We will take it for now but have doubts it is going to last! 

Neither of us did much of anything today.  Michael did move the router to the upstairs desk and re-route the phone and power cords.  Rather than sit in his recliner with the computer in his lap he has moved over to the desk chair—the recliner was making his back sore—that is the plan this week, we will see what next week brings. Smile

While making lunch I also made three loaves of Dee’s Health Bread—and of course when it came out of the oven we both had to sample it.  I’m experimenting—freezing the dough after the first rise was not working too well—the dough once thawed did not rise well.  Today I baked all three loaves and froze two of the cooked ones. 

Boredom overtook us this afternoon and in spite of the fact Michael is still fighting whatever this illness is we decided to take a drive up the Boulder.  Strange winter—we drove about 20 miles up the Boulder on dry roads only muddy in spots.  There are dirty snow drifts in the shady spots under the trees and no other snow.  There is some logging going on and it appears they may have logged all winter.  While it is wonderful to have this kind of weather in March, it doesn’t bode well for fire season this summer. 

And because we took a drive our blog readers get to see some different mountains and rivers.

IMG_2575IMG_2576-001Hawley Mountain in the middle of this photo.

IMG_2578IMG_2583-001The only other critters we saw today were deer.

Tonight for dinner we enjoyed the last of our Cedar Key scallops and wonder of wonders, my husband likes orzo!!!!  Smile


  1. I really do enjoy your mountain pics, and just imagine myself there. Thanks.

  2. What a nice day had! Glad Michael is feeling a bit better, at least enough to get out for a drive.

  3. Orzo pasta! great that Michael is feeling a bit better!..happy Saint Patrick's Day to you both!

  4. Glad you are home safe and sound....We are right behind you,,,,,(about 2.5 months)


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