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Monday, March 5, 2012

Bird Identification And A Stalker

Well, Bird Lady Judy tells us the bird from yesterday IMG_2480is  a Little Blue Heron—that was my guess but I thought I would wait for the experts. 

Today was just a normal RV park day—nothing exciting.  Except for the fact one of our “stalkers” has appeared.  When I opened up my computer this morning I had a long email from a blog reader who calls herself a “stalker.”  She and her husband live in Arkansas but have a daughter who lives in Ocala, FL.  They came down for a couple weeks and decided to stay over here in this area instead of the big city of Ocala.  They arrived last night about 5pm and imagine their surprise when the spot assigned to them was right behind the pink motorhome and yellow jeep! 

We met Debbie while out on our walk and later in the morning said hello to her husband Frank.  This afternoon the four of us along with Matt and Freeway enjoyed a happy hour in the sunshine by their rig.

  IMG_2488Debbie and Frank

IMG_2485Their Gizmo, a regular fluff ball!

IMG_2487And the sweet Freeway dog. 

Gave Ms Emmi a bath today—that ball playing makes for a stinky dog.  Then of course I had to wash the towels and her bedding. 

It was a beautiful day, a cool 37 degrees when we got up, warmed up nicely with no humidity—sunny skies. 


  1. fine looking stalkers you have there..not too scary!..
    Freeway is a cutie patootie!!!..nice name too!!

  2. Nice to see Emmi had some great little visitors!

  3. No humidity, warmer temps and sunny skies is a nice change.

    Good chance meeting with fellow RVers.

  4. I'm hoping this embeddable link works. I grabbed this shot of a Little Blue Heron in Venice, FL last week.




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