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Monday, March 19, 2012

Montana Just Had To Get In On the Weather

OK, Bayfield Bunch, stop bragging about your snow, we got more!! SmileIMG_2590IMG_2592 IMG_2593A whole bunch more to the tune of 6-7 inches.  Not very cold and the snow shrank throughout the day although the photo of Michael and Emmi was taken about 5pm this afternoon. 

I did spend the entire day in the quilting studio in between loads of laundry—finished the little Christmas wall hanging and even attached the binding with the longarm.  I will post some photos when I get the binding hand sewn down.  While quilting and sewing I listen to audiobooks on my iPod—finished one today titled, The Knitting Club.  Very good book!

And the best news of the day—Michael slept last night and woke up feeling much, much better!  He even felt well enough to putter in his workshop downstairs. 

When Emmi plays ball she refuses to retrieve the ball, she wants you to go after her.  Michael and I are weary of that game and I’m trying to teach her to retrieve—using tiny treats of string cheese.  She will retrieve her duck toy but not a ball.  Yesterday we had great success with a tennis ball, today my pupil forgot everything she learned.  More school tomorrow. 

Maybe tomorrow we will venture out now that Michael is feeling better.


  1. Hey, you can keep your "more". I much prefer the 75-80 degree days we were having here in Nebr. Only made it to about 60 today with a little rain. We need the moisture.

  2. Brrr! Looks nice, but I wouldn't want to be there. :)

  3. Glad to hear Mike is feeling better. That snow looks pretty but glad we are in 80F Georgia tonight.

  4. glad Michael is feeling better...I have to laugh at Emmi I saw how she plays ball..good luck getting her to retrieve it..she is so cute...

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  6. Good to see you made it home safely. Loved the pics of the mountains you posted the past few days. 83 degrees here today. Planted some tomato's and squash.

  7. No thanks to you....I figured it out. Now I can comment on your blog! Hope you are enjoying your snow - wish we could get some!
    Miss and Love you! Tell Grandpa to get better.

  8. Wir hatten einige mm von Schnee in Tucson heute.

  9. the winterwonderland that is your breathtaking!!..picture perfect!

  10. Just beautiful ~ but I wouldn't want to be in it! Glad your honey is feeling better...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  11. Nice snow fall! Does it make you wish you were back in the sunnier and hotter climes of Florida?

  12. I am kinda missing the snow but, I am sure that we will get enough when we come home.

    You really really don't want her to retrieve don't you remember MEG.

    love ya both and lots of hugs


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