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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I’m In Trouble Now

Our granddaughter Katie is a school teacher and self-appointed spelling and grammar queen Smile, giving her sister and friends grief when their Facebook posts aren’t up to snuff.  She learned how to comment on our blog which must mean she reads it!  I could be in trouble now!

What sadistic person invented spring cleaning???  Today I decided it was time to do something besides my usual casual cleaning—you know what I mean, remove the light fixtures, wash them, climb on a ladder and clean the ceiling fan blades, crawl around on hands and knees to really mop the floor, vacuum the logs—I’m sure my friend Brenda might know what I’m talking about, she does this kind of cleaning on a daily basis Smile.  Tonight my body is talking telling me I am way too old to crawl around on my hands and knees mopping floors!  And I only finished the mud room, the kitchen and living room!

In between all the cleaning Michael said he was feeling well enough to go into town—I put a pot of soup on the stove and we went in taking happy hour and dinner to Nat.  He was glad to see us but I think he was even happier to see Emmi!  She made him happy taking a long nap in his lap. 

It is not even 9pm and I hear my bed calling me! 


This was our mountain scene before all the snow fell yesterday.  Slightly warmer temps today gave us icy, melting snow, ugh!


  1. who ever invented the scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees must be just plain evil!! well Janna! deserve it!!

  2. Great pictures and good luck with your new editor:)

  3. I know the feelin,,,my bed calls me every night about that time. I try to watch the Fox 9pm news just as I go to bed, But it kicks me out every morning at 4,,,,,,
    Sounds like Mike is feelin better, hope so...

  4. So glad Mike is feeling better ~ I've been doing some heavy duty spring cleaning myself... getting ready to pull out in about 11 days for the next 7 months. Loved the photos of the mountains and clouds!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. Glad to hear your hubby is feeling so much better.
    How is Nat doing?

  6. Glad Grandpa is feeling better! I only like to give people a hard time about their grammar and spelling! I have already noticed some mistakes on my own blog....oops! I like the fog pictures!! Wish I had a mountain to take a picture of.


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