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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quilting Sunday

I was going to spend the entire day quilting, that didn’t happen but I sure got a lot done on a quilt of my own which was on the frame before we left for the winter.  It’s a Christmas wall hanging and is turning out well.

Michael is still under the weather—he’s sure tired of whatever this is and so am I!  Sneezing, runny nose, cough, generally feels like you know what!  I’m ready to have my healthy husband back!

Other than that nothing much going on around this Montana household.  I did make a batch of chocolate chip/oatmeal/pecan cookies—at some point in time we would like to visit Nat but still don’t want to expose him to whatever Mike has—take him some cookies and let him see Emmi.

On the way home once we got on the interstate and I didn’t have to navigate I was able to knit.  Since being home I’ve enjoyed just sitting sometimes and knitting—I don’t sit well, I’m always on the go doing something—that’s why Emmi prefers Michael’s lap to mine!  IMG_2574It kind of looks like a sock, are there some mistakes, yep but I figure if I ever get this made into an actual sock and have it on my foot no one is going to get down on their knees to examine my stitches!

IMG_2569-001Yesterday morning’s West Boulder.  It rained here today and after reading Laurie and Odel’s blog and seeing the news about northern Arizona’s snowstorm, I think I’m glad we are in Montana!  We may get snow here tonight, we will see.   


  1. Your mountain is so incredibly beautiful, and your sock I am sure will be quite nice. I knit for the same reason, it keeps me sitting down in one place longer without getting bored. Jeremy picks Mo's lap as well, since she isn't always jumping up like I am! I am enjoying reading about you back in Montana, actually. Quilting and knitting and cookies. Now I just hope Mike feels better soon.

  2. chocolate chip cookies and knitting..what a great Sunday afternoon!..bring on Monday and we hope that Michael is feeling better!!

  3. I do not correct stitches unless there is a huge mistake. I have learned to un-knit and that helps. I am so slow at knitting socks I purchased an antique circular sock knitting machine. Now, I can crank out a pair in an hour, they say. Right now, it takes me a bit longer.

  4. Sounds like a perfectly great Sunday afternoon ~ Sounds like maybe your honey may have allergies. At least that is what is going on here!!!
    Have fun


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