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Sunday, April 1, 2012

This and That Sunday

Yesterday we drove over to Emigrant, MT in the convertible with the top down to have lunch.  Today it’s cold enough for jackets and as I type this it is snowing!  What a change!

Our hearts are with the Bayfield Bunch as they travel home to Canada after losing their sweet little Motormouse dog.  It is amazing the outpouring of sympathy from the blogging world—their blog has so many kind, caring comments about Motormouse. 

When we first started RVing Michael asked a long time family friend why he had always traveled in a RV instead of buying a home in either Arizona or southern California.  Norm said, “when you buy a home you may never meet your neighbors.  When you pull into a RV park, within minutes someone is going to stop by to talk.”  And it is very true—the RVing/blogging world is a very friendly place.

I started work on a special baby quilt today—got to get going—that baby will be here before the quilt is finished if I don’t hurry!

My brother’s son Trenton graduates from high school soon and this weekend he attended his last ROTC military ball—he is a handsome young man and the young lady he is with, Madeline, looks pretty good too!

Trenton and Madeline

It is calving season here in our neck of the woods, some of the ranchers are almost finished and some are just getting started.  Like anything, each rancher has a different opinion as to when the best time to calve is.  Our neighbors whose pastures we can see when we go for a walk seems to be kind of in the middle of calving.IMG_2716

Yesterday’s warm temps made the green grass sprout.  Mr. Red wouldn’t even take a break from eating this morning to get his ears scratched.IMG_2717

A good Sunday!


  1. the blogging world is a very special place..and on a bad day it can seem like a 'big hug'..

  2. Thank goodness for our blogging friends. They understand and accept whatever it is we are doing without judging us. And meeting them in person is like meeting up with an old friend. It's just way too early to be back in Montana. That snow word is just icky.

  3. We hope to meet up with each and every one of our blogging friends some where or other along the way.

    Gee, we were within a week of you guys last winter!

    Our hearts are heavy with Al and Kelly's burden of losing MM.

    That spammer got me VERY mad too on their comments. argghhhhhhh but I went back and removed my remarks to her so I don't feed the trolls. Probably the same one that said horrible things on my blog last week. I control all my comments so I was able to discard it before it appeared on the blog. But it's still upsetting. argghhh

    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Thanks for sharing the news from your little corner of our world. Nice photos, too. We will all miss little Motormouse, and Al's photos of her. She was such a sweet dog.


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