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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving Back In

Back into the house that is—my hips and legs are sure sore tonight I’ve made so many trips up and down the motorhome steps plus the stairs here in the house.  I’m not finished unloading but made great progress!  While we don’t think we would ever want to be full timers, when I’m unloading or loading that motorhome the thought crosses my mind briefly!

I forgot to mention in last night’s blog how lucky we are to have driven on non-snowy/icy roads on our way home this time—only that torrential rain storm.  Even our driveway was dry and that is extremely rare for this time of year.  A little muddy in spots but bare of snow or ice.  The old pink motorhome just roared right on up to the house. 

Poor Michael was up and down all night, he was up way early this morning.  The first thing he said to me this morning when I walked into the living room was, “I think I need to go to the doctor.”  All righty then, if my husband thinks he needs to go to the doctor, he is sick!  We saw the new physician’s assistants (we were impressed) in the Big Timber clinic—she was sure Michael has strep throat and not the flu.  Antibiotics and a long list of other instructions. 

As the day has worn on he is no better.  I made chicken noodle soup for dinner—it helped.  His throat is so sore he can’t swallow and chokes—ugh!  Maybe tomorrow will be better. 

Emmi has so enjoyed being home and off leashes.  She begged to play ball which we did several times.IMG_2556

The hard thing about not traveling is you readers are now going to have to start looking at the same old mountains in our photos again--IMG_2557

While in town and waiting for Michael’s prescription I visited the quilt store and picked up a customer quilt.  I’m anxious to get my hands on that machine again.

One of my quilting buddies sent an email this morning with this comment: “I would have known you were home even if I hadn’t read your blog – it’s snowing this morning!”  Yes, we woke to snow—only an inch or two fell and it melted quickly. 


  1. I, for one, never tire of your mountain pictures.

  2. I love your mountain photos. Hope Mike mends quickly, and you don't catch it.

  3. I agree. Never get tired of beautiful mountains

  4. Hope Mike mends quickly and if you ever get tired of those mountain pictures you can always post more pictures of your trip.

    It's about time.

  5. I will love looking at your mountain pictures, and can't wait to see some myself in Colorado next month! Thanks bunches for the granola recipe :-).

  6. I think those grimacing sore throats are just about the worst. Many years since I had one but I sure sympathize with Mike knowing what he is going through. I think he did well in getting you guys home so fast........

  7. glad you are home and working on the unpacking!..hope Mike feels better soon and as for the mountains?..we never tire of the photos!

  8. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Hope Mike gets better soon. Strep throat is not for sissies.:-) Hugs..........

  9. If a man has to be sick, he best be HOME!
    Hope Mike gets to feelin better.....

  10. Happy to see the mountain again. Hope Mike gets to feeling better soon.

    Don't like to pack and unpack.:( That's why we went fulltiming...:)

  11. Keep pouring the brothy chicken recipes to Mike! Comforting & strengthening ... time tested, Granny approved healing! Glad yall home safe.

  12. It's nice to be home for you, mo doubt! Sure hope that Mike gets the full benefit from the antibiotics.

    We've concluded day #1 of our return trip to the BC west coast, slumming it in Orange Grove RV Park near Bakersfield, CA. It's all good!

  13. But they are beautiful mtns and one never gets tired of seeing them!!


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