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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hey What Happened

Do you ever wonder where meteorologist get their info??  I sure do on days such as today—forecast for partly cloudy and over 60 degrees.  What we got was a very dreary, sit in the clouds day with the high temperature being only 40 degrees.  Oh, well, I got a lot of sewing done!

Nat came for lunch and since I fed poor Michael quinoa cakes yesterday we ate beef today.  I marinated a sirloin steak in olive oil, rosemary and lots of garlic then grilled the steak.  Served it with garlic mashed potatoes and a vegetable medley.  Now for the vegetable medley—corn, green peas and lima beans and my dear husband says, “sure is a good way to get rid of lima beans.”  Can you guess he doesn’t like lima beans??  His Dad says, “that was a backhanded compliment if I ever heard one!”

Baked another round of the Dee’s Health Bread.  Patchwork Times  Judy was kind enough to give me some helpful bread baking hints and as she suggested I only changed one thing at a time—I checked the temp of my water before adding the yeast.  That change didn’t help—bread still didn’t rise as it should have.  Next batch we will try something else.  It isn’t the altitude as it didn’t rise at sea level in Florida and it’s not rising enough here at 5200 feet.

Here’s what I finished today—I love it:

IMG_2638  IMG_2621There’s a special to me story behind this quilt.  In the fall of 2010 when Michael was so incredibly sick it was my birthday—he felt too bad to do anything, buy a present, take me out to dinner, anything and felt bad because he couldn’t.  We were both so weary of his illness and not knowing what was causing it.  The mailman came that day and delivered a package.  Inside the box was this wonderful quilt pattern book containing this particular pattern among others and the fabric to make this quilt.  My wonderful sister Ann and her daughter Niki had sent it to me.  It made my day and every time I look at this quilt I am reminded of how truly special family is! 


  1. I have to agree with Michael. I hope to never eat another lima bean or pea in my lifetime! :)

  2. Around here, the weather sometimes affects the bread-making and nothing rises. However, having older yeast can also be a problem, so I buy yeast at the healthfood store OR I buy Costco's yeast in big quantity and put it all in the refrigerator.


  3. What an adorable quilt, you do such beautiful work. Like the veggie combo, I must try it. Becki

  4. Never bake bread on a cloudy day Janna. As usual your quilt is beautiful.


  5. Your quilt is beautiful. Thanks for the picture. I also think the trouble with your bread is bad yeast. You might try adding a little bit more yeast.

  6. Yummmmm... send those lima beans this way!

    Beautiful quilt, and I love the story that goes with it. So Glad Michael has recovered!

  7. I love that quilt. Infact, I got the book for Christmas this past year. I can't wait to get home and make mine. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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