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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Would Have Thought We Were In Big Timber Today

Noticed a Big Timber, MT friend’s Facebook post this morning, “Knew the wind was blowing harder than usual when I noticed the water in my toilet was sloshing this morning.”  Yep, the water in our toilet was sloshing today as it was windy enough to rock the motorhome.  You know that has to be a strong wind to make something that weighs in excess of 40,000lbs rock! 

The humidity is almost unbearable for me—at noon today it was 80 degrees outside and I am sure the humidity was 80%.  The only thing helping was that wind but it was a warm wind and provided no relief!  I finally convinced Michael to turn on the air conditioning before I imploded! 

And what did I decide to do in all this heat and humdity???  I started the oven--I had a Brenda fit this afternoon—I needed to cook!  Made some Lemon Cooler cookies from a Pioneer Woman recipe—scroll down through the post and you will find the recipe.  They are delicious!  Shared with Matt and Gail since she had to loan me a lemon zester—must have left mine at home.

Went into town to the produce stand and oh, my—the ocean was a nasty brown color and just rolling with waves.  Of course I had left the camera back at the motorhome.

Finished my recipe organizing efforts and started to organize some files on my computer.  With this new laptop I got for Christmas I somehow had duplicate “My Document” folders.  Thought I had all the documents into one folder and deleted the other--immediately almost had a heart attack—all my documents were gone—not there—disappeared.  Not in the recycle bin, not anywhere!!!  All the recipes, all my other documents—gone!!!  I fired off a panic attack email to Rick the computer expert for all we bloggers.  About five minutes after sending that email I found my documents and sent an email of relief to Rick.  Geez!!!



These photos are from a local establishment, Kona Joe’s—serving breakfast and lunch along with espresso drinks and ice cream.   We have stopped there twice lately for ice cream which we enjoyed on the deck overlooking the bay.


  1. You are in the worse part of Florida for weather.
    We were there a few years ago & had to head out. Ended up in Bradenton & what a difference. Like being in another state. We were glad all of Florida was not like that.

  2. Kona Joe's looks like a perfect place to kick back and relax.

  3. glad you found a way to keep from imploding!..the lemon cookies sound delicious..will have to print off the recipe!!

  4. FYI: It's dry as a bone here in Palm Springs. As if you needed to hear that, considering the high humidity you are experiencing. We hope your weather improves soon.

  5. butterbean carpenterMarch 4, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    Howdy Janna & Mike,
    I think I see an old buckaroo who is longing for the cool mountains, his big shop, the bar-b-cue on the patio and the greasey wrenches for putting his truck back together!! He must get some strange looks, down there in shorts & swimsuit land! Of course those days don't coincide with the everyday weather My wife said she was down there for a SuperBowl once & saw a gal turning 'blue' in a bathing suit, who said "she'd paid for a sunbath vacation and she was going to HAVE ONE!!
    I'm going to have Joyce make some of those lemon cookies!! ummmmm


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