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Friday, September 21, 2012

We Were Cowboys Today

We knew Lonn and LoraLee needed to work their calves today—which involves pushing them through a chute then vaccinating the animals.  Their previously scheduled help couldn’t make it so we were elected as substitute cowboys—OK, I thought, let’s go, the blog won’t be boring, I’ll have something to write about tonight.

It was a glorious day in Montana.  Lonn and Drake had moved the herd to the corrals on horseback.  LoraLee was waiting with the truck and supplies.  After sorting the cows from the calves we got started.  I was given a syringe and sent to the far side of the chute.  The chute was originally designed to work buffalo—this ranch and the adjoining ranch owned by Tom Brokaw ran a small herd of buffalo for a while.  All the chute controls are hydraulic making it a very smooth operation.  Drake got the grubby job—he was in the chute with the calves, encouraging them to enter the big, bad chute.  Lonn would close their heads in the gate, squeeze them just a bit so they couldn’t jump around too much and we did our doctoring.   LoraLee manned the record keeping and the gates sorting male from female.  Each calf was probably only in the chute about one minute. 

 IMG_4711“I’m not liking the looks of this at all!!”

The nurse only stuck herself with a needle once.  The chute opens rather rapidly when someone pulls the hydraulic lever—since I was on the far side, Lonn—the chute controller, couldn’t see me.  I was supposed to be paying attention and staying out of the way—well once I was day dreaming or something, bending over to look at something and WHACK—right on top of my head!!  That hurt!  LoraLee says Lonn owes me dinner at the Rib and Chop for whacking me in the head!

It was just a great day, we enjoyed being there and helping out.  When we were finished we all headed back to the house where LoraLee had a roast in the crockpot—LoraLee is feeling pretty good her second day post chemo—that’s a good thing!!  We enjoyed some time eating and visiting before we headed back to our side of the mountain. 

IMG_4710IMG_4715Even Emmi got in on the cowboy-ing!

IMG_4717-001IMG_4720-001“Geez, glad that’s done, we are out of here!”


And to take a tip from Judy—The End:



  1. You only stuck yourself once? I think that's fantastic. I don't think anybody would want me anywhere near a syringe. Sure looks like the weather was cooperating with you. Hope LoraLee continues to feel good.

  2. I love that next to last picture. Looks as if you had a good day with beautiful weather.

  3. I remember getting whacked by a chute gate. Slammed me back against a windbreak fence....ouch!!

  4. What a memorable and interesting day you had. Hope the bump on your head isn't too big.

  5. Getting whacked by any of those metal bits is gonna hurt. My head's pretty hard, but I think that would have left a goose egg just the same.
    I've 'been there and done that' in the rounding up livestock department. Only briefly as a little fart, mind you. We had sheep at the time. There's this stuff called "sheep dip"? I almost think I'd sooner castrate a steer. Gawd that stuff stinks!
    And you'd best be wearing gloves, 'cause it doesn't wash off. Well, it has to stay on the sheep!
    You did well to go the whole day without getting trampled or hurt worse. To me, when it comes to livestock, that's a good day.

  6. Those pics make me think of the great old western movies. Boy you are lucky - just living it.

  7. I knew Tom Brokaw had a ranch in Montana but never knew where, now I do! Do you ever see him around anywhere? He'd be a great guy to interview for your blog, right?

    I'll bet those cows and calves thought it was curtains for them but were glad when they only got a needle. Sound like you may have been hurt more than them. Mike sure looked like he was having a lot of fun.

  8. Brought back of memories from my younger years, I really liked ranching, but then I had a very good horse to help me.

  9. That looks like exciting fun except for the whack on the head part:)


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