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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Project Down

Down but not completed—our friend Steve decided he wasn’t in the mood to spend as much money as it would have taken to make a hot rod out of the 1946 pickup Michael worked on last summer and fall.  So, Michael hauled it and assorted parts back to Steve this morning.  Maybe we should have taken some more of Michael’s treasures to Steve????

We have a quote from Federal Express Freight for the longarm frame—YIKES—glad the buyer is also paying shipping!!  There is a FedEx terminal in Billings from which we will ship the wooden crates.

I spent hours and hours quilting today—am almost finished with Marjean’s quilt—I had hoped to be totally finished today but I pooped out—maybe I will summon the energy to go back down to the quilt studio tonight, maybe not!

I finished the book by John Grisham today, The Confession.  Do you ever wonder if the things you read about could actually happen??  Has an innocent person actually been put to death in our criminal system??  Do policemen/detectives really lie to the extent an innocent person goes to prison??  I don’t think I really want to know the answers to these questions!!  When I traveled extensively for work I read a lot of murder mysteries.  One particular one—I don’t remember the author or the name of the book—disturbed me greatly to the point where I couldn’t sleep—I stopped reading murder mysteries because I could visualize the awful things written about actually happening in our sometimes evil world.   I could visualize the events in Grisham’s book happening—scary, isn’t it?

Our days are nice and cool now, the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red and gold but we still need rain—the slight chance for rain in our today forecast didn’t materialize.


Katie and MichaelOur beautiful granddaughter Katie and her husband Michael, all dressed up to attend a wedding a couple weeks ago.


  1. the book sounds interesting!..and your granddaughter and her husband make a lovely pair!!

  2. With all of the people who were on Death Row but were later found to be not guilty thru the Innocence Project's use of DNA evidence, I find it impossible to believe that many innocent persons have suffered the death penalty for murders they did not commit. It's simply the law of averages.

    On a much lighter note, that is a great photo of your beautiful granddaughter Katie and her husband Michael.

  3. I don't like murder mysteries. I start getting goofy ideas running through my head, and don't sleep well!! Beautiful photo of your fall, and your granddaughter!!


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