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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fort Knox

Off for Billings bright and early this morning—we were on a mission to ship the two wooden crates containing the longarm frame.  The two crates weighed almost 400 pounds between the two of them and it was necessary to ship by a freight company—FedEx.  I had called, gotten the location of the warehouse, called and gotten a rate quote and number—we were ready until we got to Fort Knox!!  No entry only locked gates with talking boxes beside the gates.  The lady who answered my first box call informed me I had the wrong place I needed to take my “package” to such and such address.  Nope, I informed her, my “package” was two wooden crates weighing almost 400 pounds.  Oh, all righty then I will buzz you in the truck gate.  She doesn’t, the next guy in the box we talk to says come on in, head toward the ramp, the gates open. 

Not a soul around, not one.  I go to the front door of the building and talk to a box again, the first door opens and I am only in a foyer.  I talk to another box and success—I am in!!  The only person at the desk is on the phone forever while I stand and wait thinking Michael is going to wonder if they locked me up inside there!  She finally gets off the phone and takes my info, thrilled I have the rate quote and number, gives the paperwork to the forklift driver, lets me out of Fort Knox and we are unloaded by the forklift guy.  Geez, what an ordeal!!

After that little episode, we were home free!  Mountain Supply to return a pump then Sam’s Club for fuel for the truck—while in Sam’s Club we decided ice cream was in order after the Fort Knox ordeal—we deserved a treat.  Then it was off to Big Sky Steel to purchase more steel for another longarm frame.  The frame also has two aluminum rails—Michael was thrilled to find out the steel place has the aluminum at half the cost of the place we originally purchased it from!

Off for a delicious lunch at Jake’s then onward to Costco and Wal Mart.  When we go to Billings we generally have other appointments with doctors or hair dressers—today no appointments and we were back in Big Timber by 4:30.  Nat was pitching horseshoes with a friend so we grabbed Emmi and headed up the Boulder to unload.

A busy but fun day spending time with my husband!  Back to quilting now!


  1. It's great that you had all your ducks in a row, so to speak. Isn't it amazing how hardly anything gets done nowadays without the consumer doing most of the work? Yep, ice cream was appropriate.

  2. Thought of you today... an airstream pulled in across from us and set up. Plus I was quilting all day! Yes.. quilting! Learning "paper piecing" from friend Paula and I did up four coasters. Had to go out and buy more fabric now for more coasters, hot pads, and gosh.. who knows what else!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. You guys sure eat and treat a lot,,,wish I could do that... We finally got on the road yesterday and parked at the Archway in Kearney, NE.....410 miles from Custer... I'm still on "Fast foreward" speed dial!! Headin for the Twin Girls in Lincoln......:-)
    Hope you guys have North Ranch on your agenda,,,,,this winter!

  4. Glad you got your icecream after all that security. In fact I'm glad you got out to enjoy your treat!!

  5. I wonder if whoever is getting those crates at the other end has a forklift? That must be a very sturdy quilt frame for sure!


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