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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Garden Is Kaput

IMG_4684Does this photograph tell you how cold it was at our house this morning???  Yes, we had below freezing temps—the poor garden is kaput.  We covered the tomatoes and peppers but it must have just been too cold because the vines looked not very alive!  So, this afternoon I pulled up the tomatoes, turned them upside down and hung the plants in the garage—will keep you updated on how that works??  Harvested the onions and put them in the basement to dry:

IMG_4687And picked all the peppers and disposed of those plants, too.

IMG_4686Harvested the rest of the carrots and cut back the raspberries.  All that remains is to harvest the potatoes—Michael’s job.

My suitcase is packed, I am off to Kansas City tomorrow leaving Michael and Emmi home alone.  My dear friend Kelly’s son is getting married Saturday and we are using the occasion to have a gathering of girlfriends, too.  I am so excited!  I just checked in on the Delta website and realized I have just about 30 minutes to change planes in Minneapolis plus I have to change terminals—guess I better wear my running sneakers! 

Can I just say how happy I will be when this election is over????  If one more person calls me wanting answers to their survey I may come uncorked.  Michael says to the guy who called yesterday, “when you pay me as much as you are making I will answer your questions.”  The guy replied, “well, I only make about $9/hour.”  Michael said, “I will wait for your check.”  The guy hung up, imagine that!!!  Smile


  1. Wow, the weather seems to have gone from one extreme to the other for you.

  2. Love Michael's come back. Have a great trip, and weekend!

  3. good comeback!! it!..enjoy the wedding!!!

  4. Way to go Michael. Can't believe you're losing your garden up there and we're looking at 100 every day next week. There just has to be somewhere in between these two somewhere. Have a great time in Kansas.

  5. Have a great trip and fun at the wedding, Jana. Great response to that caller, Michael - just perfect!! I might steal that line!

  6. I think we all might keep that line in the back of our minds for the next time those surveyors call. That wasn't just frost, that was one heck of a freeze. Geez. I know we often get the Labor Day freeze here in Eastern Oregon, but for some reason this year we have managed to miss it so far. My tomatoes are getting ripe, one at a far we have had three.

  7. Sorry the garden is gone but I don't mind the cold weather myself. I am not a "hot weather" person. My quilt top looks pretty good for a "beginner" (I think). I decided to use both pack of squares and make one lap quilt instead of 2 smaller ones. I'm still working on the back. I'll be putting it all together in a day or two. Thanks for all your help, encouragement and support. Hugs............


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