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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And Another One

If possible the smoke was worse this chilly morning than yesterday.  Our high temp today was less than 75 degrees which Mr. Rollie told me he didn’t want to hear as he was sweltering in Texas heat!! 

Michael worked in the jeep hauling trailer all day today installing more foam insulation.  I made two batches of granola this morning, cooked steaks on the grill for lunch and quilted the day away.  I made great progress on your quilt Mary P.—it is going to be gorgeous!!! 

fire photoThis photo was posted on Facebook by our friend Gwen who has been dealing with the issues of the Pine Creek fire in the Paradise Valley south of Livingston.  Gwen titled this photo: “Beauty and the Beast.”  A very apt name!

The wind has blown hard all day—from the west bringing us more smoke if possible, late this afternoon from the east clearing out a large portion of the smoke.  There is a chance of rain Thursday—let’s hope for the best!!


  1. here's hoping that you get the rain that this fire so desperately needs!

  2. That picture is incredible but so scary and sad. Helena valley was pretty clear today. We could actually see the mountains on the other side of the valley for a change. Definitely praying for rain but then I worry about more lightning strikes starting more fires.

  3. Great name for the photo. I can only imagine the feeling in seeing that view in real life. It looks very scary but at the flip side the picture looks so beautiful. Today will make the ninth consecutive day of over 100 degrees down here in Corpus Christi. I am ready to get back to Houston. I had to laugh at the weather forecaster today. They have a cool front moving through here on Friday and the temperature will drop down to 95 degrees. I still call that HOT!!! I sure hope y'all get that rain. Those fires need to be put out and it should clean the air for y'all just a little.
    Love and Hugs,
    Rollie and Gina


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