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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birch Versus Aspen

IMG_4730In this photo from last night, is it a birch or an aspen??  These trees are aspen--I went to our old friend Google for an explanation.  In the photos provided by Wikipedia, it is hard to tell the difference between the two species of trees.  Birch trees are a deciduous tree which grows in temperate climates (meaning the change between winter and summer is not extreme).  Aspen are also deciduous but are native to cold regions with cool summers and thrive at high altitudes.  There are no birch trees on our property, only aspen—now you know all you ever wanted to know about birch and aspen trees.  Smile

Well, Michael has a new project—our not so temperate climate is hard on the motorhome exterior and those dang little mice are always trying to get in.  We are building a new garage to house the motorhome and some of the many vehicles we own for two people to drive.  My project oriented husband is happy!

I spent the day quilting and quilting.  After lunch I quilted for four and a half hours straight due in part to my listening to a John Grisham book, The Confession.  After Grisham wrote The Firm and a couple more following that best seller, I stopped reading his books—too predictable.  But when browsing through our local library audiobook section the other day, this title caught my eye and I can’t put it down or stop listening or whatever—what a good book!  And I’m getting lots of quilting done!

For lunch I made a delicious pasta dish.  Several blog posts ago, The RV Goddess wrote about a tomato soup she had prepared.  I decided to eliminate the “thinning” step and serve it over pasta instead of as a soup.  The recipe involves roasting tomatoes, onions and garlic in the oven, pureeing the roasted veggies in a food processor and ta da—you have soup or in my case, pasta sauce, delicious!!!IMG_4739


  1. Your today's photo is so beautiful, I had to look twice, I thought it was a painting its so perfect. And no tree types to argue about. Happy quilting. I have to get my sewing projects going too. Time's getting away on me!

  2. Looks like a beautiful fall day up your way. I still probably wouldn't know an aspen from a birch but they're beautiful.

  3. Gosh I sure would love to be riding my horse there right now. Beautiful.

  4. Birch or Aspen, it's still one beautiful photo! I don't think we see any Aspens up this way but I probably still couldn't tell one from a Birch.

    That soup or sauce you made sure sounds good, I think I'd prefer it over pasta as well.

  5. Thank you for mentioning the good book your listening to. I also download audiobooks from our local library, so I'll look for that one. Your Aspen are so beautiful.

  6. Glad to know the difference between Birch and Aspen. I had always thought the names were interchangeable

  7. Well I learned the difference between Birch and Aspen trees. Thanks for that! Fall is beautiful where you live, Photos of Michael's garage project would be interesting too!


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