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Monday, September 17, 2012

Home Again

My flight home today from Kansas City was so pleasant—much better than the flight out!  On time, still packed planes but much more considerate people! 

The party is over but it is very good to be home with Michael and Emmi—I think both of them were very glad to see me.  Kelly picked me up at the hotel around 7:30am and we had a great visit on the way to the airport.  I think she is ready for a little R&R, too!

Alison and Ryan haven’t posted many photos as of yet on Facebook but here are a couple:  Ryan and AlisonRyan and Alison2

Alison has been taking voice lessons for a long time and is well on her way to being a “known” opera singer—her voice is very powerful!  Once I figure it out I will post a link to the opera she sang for Ryan during the reception.

Still very dry and smoky here in Montana but cooler.  Emmi had a “hot spot” on her back when I got home (I think these spots are stress related—perhaps she didn’t like my being gone for so long??) so I gave her a quick bath and cleaned the area—it’s looking better all ready.

It was a spectacular weekend and wedding—I had so much fun, I, like a lot of people said, “let’s do it again!”


  1. Beautiful couple. Your friends are right, you should get together more often!!

  2. What a great looking couple. Poor Emmi. They really do miss us. When Jim was in the hospital, the girls didn't want to go to bed at night because Dad wasn't there.

  3. Great pics of the bride and groom - they sure do look happy. I'll bet Emmi was glad to see you back home. I'm dreading it when Paulette goes to Ottawa next month for 5 days as Rylie is really attached to her and just sits at the front window when she's out.

  4. congrats to the happy couple!!..nice to be back home, I am sure!!!


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