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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Religious Bear

The Sweet Grass County Sheriff's Department and Montana Game Warden Derek Fagone responded to St. Joseph's Catholic Church Wednesday afternoon after Trish Lehman called to report a bear in the building.
Jason Lee, who was installing an exit sign in the basement of the church said he was caught off guard by the sight of the bear in the building.
"I looked at him. He looked at me," he said. "I exited as fast as I could."

Seems the bear up in the tree by the Catholic church was actually in the church as the above quote from our local paper states!!! 

bear in treeMontana Fish, Wildlife and Parks captured the bear and transported him to safer country!

One day we complain about the heat, the next day we are cold.  Today was a cool one!  We took the little Toyota MR2 to Billings with the top UP—sinful!!  I needed a couple things for my trip to Kansas City next week and we just took a day, enjoyed each other, enjoyed the weather and enjoyed lunch at Jake’s.  And a plus—the smoke cleared out for a while!

Emmi stayed with Nat and they enjoyed each other I think! 

A good day in Montana!


  1. Just goes to show that all of God's creatures are welcome in church. Cold here in ID also. They're saying the smoke is coming back tomorrow.

  2. Not sure about all creatures being welcome, it looks like the bear was denied sanctuary:)

  3. Maybe he was in church to 'bear witness' to the almighty!

  4. I just wanted to be the first to wish you Happy Birthday on your blog
    Love and Hugs
    Rollie & Gina

  5. Doesn't it have a heater? Just crank it up, put on a coat, and hunker down. It would be good times. Used to do that ssseeeevvverrraaalll years ago. :)


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