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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Camping Trip

We left home Thursday morning headed for Fort Peck Lake and Hell Creek State Park.  We endured only one area of this about 45 miles from home:

IMG_4589Pretty good for summer in Montana!

After Harlowtown and Lewistown we were in the area of Montana called the Missouri Breaks—rugged, vast, desolate land.

IMG_4590Lonn and LoraLee arrived a couple hours ahead of us and had scouted out two side by side spots.  We felt extremely lucky to find a campsite on a lake in Montana on a holiday weekend!  But wait, I haven’t mentioned the road going into Hells Creek State Park—25, yes you read that right, 25 miles of gravel road!!!!  Not a great road but not a horrible bone crunching one either—just not a place we will likely take the motorhome again.

It was a fun weekend, Katie, our granddaughter and her husband Michael joined us Friday evening.  We did a little hiking, a little boating, a little fishing and a whole lot of visiting and eating.  We ate very well to say the least!  But unfortunately, we didn’t eat any fish! 

IMG_4602Fort Peck wildlife.

IMG_4603Katie and Michael tried out our kayak—I think they’ve got the hang of it!IMG_4607

We left Hells Creek around 1pm and arrived at home about 8pm—an uneventful trip.  Thanks Lonn and LoraLee for asking us along!


  1. Glad to have you back.....25 miles of gravel road in your Motorhome,,,Wow!!

  2. It's nice to spend a holiday weekend camping with family and friends!

  3. Jim loves fishing at Hell Creek - but like you, never again with our RV. That road just did us in. No fish??? That's just sad. But friends and other good food help make up for that.

  4. Fish or no fish, it was a fun time out camping. I understand why you would hesitate to take the motorhome on a gravel road again. Weather looked nice too!

  5. Kayaking on that lake looked like fun - beautiful photos.

  6. Looks like fun, but not sure I could have taken a 25 mile gravel road:)

  7. I thought you had finally sold the motorhome and were using the little tin teepee?

    Karen and Steve
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