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Friday, September 28, 2012

Quilt Finished and Preparations Begin

It took me an additional two hours this morning to finish Marjean’s quilt and it is gorgeous.  She was to have picked up the quilt today but her husband had other plans for her—maybe tomorrow. 

My sister Ann and her husband Danny are coming to visit—I can’t wait to see them, it has been three years since they visited here.  So, I started preparations today—a little cleaning, a little laundry, bed making—you know all the stuff you do when company is coming. 

Michael decided to get some winter preparations out of the way before company gets here—he put away all the water hoses, blew out the sprinkler system and winterized both the motorhome and Tin Tee Pee.  In the spot where we are planning the new garage, water had begun to seep from the ground in one corner—now how is that???  We are so dry we could spontaneously combust and water starts seeping from the ground.  Michael dug a trench and laid perforated pipe with gravel over it—hopefully this will drain the water away from the garage.IMG_4747

I can’t wait until November gets here and this election is over.  I bet we get at least two if not three political calls per day—I’ve learned to recognize the Washington D.C. area code on caller ID—I don’t answer it!!!

It’s been a little cool around here in the mornings—Emmi needs a blanket:IMG_4743

Dry weather relief may be happening soon—a significant chance for rain/snow is predicted for the middle of next week—Danny and Ann may get to see snow!

Robyn—these photos are for you.  Robyn is our friend and neighbor who brought us a companion for our lone horse.  Red was kind of an outcast with Robyn’s other horses and they picked on him.  Not here, he has found a happy home—Red and Roan are now joined at the hip!



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  2. They look so happy together! What a great thing to get companionship for your horse, and give that one a good peaceful relaxing home.

    Karen and Steveio
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Santa Barbara coastline will be in low 80's next week, finally experiencing our summer.

  4. Nice to see your horses are getting along so well and enjoying each other's company.

    Here in Canada, we get to enjoy all the drama (???) and noise of the U.S. election without the annoying phone calls. Our elections are normally pretty dull, and short, so the U.S. Presidential election is better than a reality show - it even has its own goofy characters.

  5. Beautiful country you live it. thanks for stopping by my blog, and especially for leaving comments. Don't we all just live for those comments! Have a great Sunday.


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