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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Not As Exciting

But still a good day.  We took an early morning walk and saw Tammy with her dogs/elephants across the way—we had a shouting conversation across the gulch.  Nola and Luke are part St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees dogs—huge!

My goal was to quilt today and quilt I did—made some headway on this “show” quilt and finally got a good design in my head.  Michael spent the day working on the sawmill—yes, we have a sawmill.  It belongs to Nat but he hasn’t (thank goodness) operated the mill for several years.  We need some long boards to make the crate for shipping the longarm table—we had logs so Michael was creative. 

Tonight we enjoyed a fabulous meal with Joe, Tammy and their son Jeff.  We could not have chosen better neighbors and are so glad they bought our property.  I fixed coke brined chicken on the grill with a honey/mustard sauce, roasted potatoes from the garden, carrots also from the garden and homemade chocolate ice cream for dessert.  Delicious! 

Another good day in Montana!

IMG_4697Smoke hanging over the mountains yesterday morning, today we had no smoke and wonderful temps!IMG_4705Fall is coming.


  1. Coke brined chicken?? Recipe please.:-)). Also, will you email me your recipe for the "ice cream maker" ice cream? We're getting things packed...leaving after the Buffalo Roundup next week. Hugs....

  2. Coke brined chicken sounds pretty interesting to me! I'm sure I'd love that. You have a sawmill? Wow! You guys are really setup for business there in Montana!

  3. Janna - I was playing on Pinterest and saw this article about a really nice Airstream renovation:


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