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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Geez I’m Out Of Practice

When traveling was a part of my life I looked on the poor innocent tourists with pity as they tried to figure out the system.  Well, today I was the tourist.  I used to hold elite membership in airline, hotel and rental car loyalty programs—today I was a nobody booked into cattle car status right along with those other tourists!

I arrived at the Billings airport one hour before my scheduled departure time and by the time I checked a bag and got through security I walked right on to the packed airplane which gave new meaning to the word—sardine!!!!  The plane was hot, the flight attendants surly—just a miserable experience—who ever said travel was fun??? Sad smile

In Minneapolis I had a mere 35 minutes to go MILES in the concourse—I landed in the “F” concourse and had to fast walk my way to the end of the “C” concourse.  And again, I walked right onto the packed airplane where my seat mate supposed that as it was a very small jet with very small seats he could take half of my seat as well as his own.  GRRRR!

All was well when I landed and saw the smiling face of my friend Elaine.  We jumped in her rental car and headed to Kelly’s where she had a beautiful cheese tray ready with champagne glasses and chilled Prosseco.  All is right with the world.  We visited for a while, Tom’s (Kelly’s husband) daughter, son-in-law and three children rolled in from Chicago and the party has begun! 

After a while Elaine and I decided to head to our hotel making our way through the rain soaked streets of Kansas City—to our wonderful hotel room on the Plaza in downtown Kansas City.  Life is good!


  1. glad that you landed safely..albiet with a few issues..but who cares at this point..drink the champagne, eat the food and enjoy your time in Kansas City!!..cheers!!! don't have to worry about going home just yet!!..
    the flight home will probably be the same..only backwards! :)

  2. Flying used to be so much fun and now I just hate it. Glad you're there and having fun. That's what it's all about.

  3. Flying isn't much fun any more, that's for sure. I try to adjust my "mental state" to a level just above "comatose", so as to be oblivious to any perceived slights from fellow passengers or crew.
    It doesn't hurt to be a little imposing. Although I'm somewhat slight (well, except for perhaps around my mid-section in the last decade or so) I have no problem letting someone know in no uncertain terms that they're "in my seat". Whether they're actually right in it, or just encroaching. Close up and and all quiet like right in a person's ear is usually effective.
    Had one jerk a few years ago, who thought it "didn't matter" that he had taken my window seat. That didn't "fly", so to speak? When faced with the prospect of me sitting on his lap, or getting into his own seat, he wisely chose to haul his a$$ on outta there. Dough head.

    Don't worry about getting back into "practise". It's not really worth all the grief.

  4. I remember a journey I undertook from Oslo, Norway via Copenhagen and Seattle to Anchorage,AK. I had myself a few flights out into the bush, then up to Fairbanks, out into the wilderness again. Then via Anchorage and Seattle to Denver, from Phoenix to Los Angeles, back to Phoenix and from Denver via Chicago to Copenhagen and finally to Oslo - a staggering 23 different airplanes within a total of 3 weeks. Those were in the good old days before 9/11 and that terrorist C**p came up.

  5. The friendships at the other end, made the trip so worthwhile. Enjoy your visit.

  6. Sounds like you've got great accommodations and good friends to spend time with so have fun and I hope the return trip is better.

  7. I concur that flying today is not nearly as pleasant as it once was. My work took me to many corners of the world and it seemed that the travel was more pleasing then. I now dread air flights - in large measure because of the similar experience you had.

    Wishing a you a more pleasant return....following a truly pleasant time with friends.


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