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Saturday, September 29, 2012

We Are So Lucky

To live near Yellowstone Park!  Even though I have company coming tomorrow and my sister is how shall I say this politely—a bit of a clean freak  neat person—we decided to jump in the little car and head to Yellowstone Park this morning.  We were rather late starting but that’s OK, we are retired and had all day!  Emmi got to keep Nat company, we enjoyed lunch at the Rib and Chop in Livingston on the way and it was a beautiful day!  Just right for driving with the top down.

First wildlife jam was for a group of sheep crossing the highway heading to water:IMG_4780

We saw just a few elk having a siesta on the lawns at Mammoth—next up was a buffalo jam:  a herd of probably close to 100 crossing the road also going to water. 



And that was it for wildlife except for a couple antelope—the scenery was spectacular and the weather perfect for a drive!  Now I’ve got to get to house cleaning, Sis arrives tomorrow!!


Back in Big Timber I called Marjean who had just arrived home from her little weekend jaunt with husband—of course she would love to have her quilt—she lives just a couple houses away from Nat.  She loved it!!

IMG_4761IMG_4772This photo is more true to color.

And here’s the back:



Always good to have a happy customer!  It was just an all around great day!


  1. beautiful job on the stitching Janna!..the quilt is a beauty!!

  2. Love the quilts. Of course Yellowstone Park is on my list. Thanks for sharing

  3. And what customer would not be happy with the quilt. The stitching is just beautiful, such an heirloom!! Yellowstone is fantastic. Lucky you--living so close. We've been there once!

  4. You sure are lucky to be able to hop on over to Yellowstone whenever you get the urge. :)

  5. Living close enough to Yellowstone to go for a day ride and visit is pretty nice alright. Great job on that quilt, I'm sure the owner is thrilled with the result.

  6. First the park pictures!! Spectacular!! BUT the quilt pictures REALLY took my breath away!! WOW!! What a view!! Janna, you are a true artist!! When I 'grow up' I want to be able to do just a tenth of what you can do...Amazing quilting!

  7. Great wildlife photos. We've had the pleasure of visiting Yellowstone National Park and it is a gem. It is advantageous to live close by to do a day trip.

    Awesome looking quilt!


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