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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Smoky One

When the wind blew the smoke away yesterday we were hoping it would stay gone, nope, it came back with a vengeance!!  37 degrees here this morning—I think fall is coming! 

There’s been lots of excitement in Big Timber these last couple days—bear sightings in town!  When we rolled into town this afternoon I was wondering what the Catholics were up to—there were two police cars parked around the church blocking the side road.  Mary at Ullman’s filled me in—a bear was up in a tree on the Catholic church grounds.  Shucks—I would have stopped and taken a photo, I just thought some of my Catholic friends were misbehaving!

When I married Michael, Jim and Beryl owned the ranch adjacent to ours (she gave me the 1959 VW).  Poor health forced the sale of their ranch and a move to town.  A broken hip landed Jim in the nursing home a few years later and Beryl followed quickly behind him.  Beryl died a few years ago but Jim is still living and today was his 90th birthday.  We went into town to wish him a happy birthday—we aren’t sure he knew who we were at times and at other times during the conversation he would say things which made us think he did know who we were.  We also visited with Michael’s Aunt Helen for a while, too—she is older than 90, she was married to Nat’s twin brother who would have been 90 this past May—as Helen was older she never told anyone her age Smile.  She may be 90+ years old but is still sharp as a tack!

We picked up some more blue foam insulation at Ullman’s for the quilting trailer and made stops at the banks before heading home to rescue home alone Emmi. 

Another good day in Montana.

IMG_2490More smoky photos.IMG_2493


  1. A bear in town! That would cause excitement even among the Methodists. Really smokey in Butte.

  2. Now that I've been to Montana, I really appreciate your photos. Oh, the smoke! It's good to be out of it, although I loved Montana. Nice blog. You have an easy style, perfect for blogging.

  3. I hope they got the bear down out of the tree o.k. Sure is a lot of smoke, wow. I think anyone who lives to be 90 can say they've had a pretty good run at life.

  4. Good thing that bear was not in the confessional inside the church!!! We would love to send you some rain but there is nothing in the forecast to push eastward.


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