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Monday, September 3, 2012

Clean Motorhome Clean Jeep

The smell of smoke woke us at 3am this morning—it was a cool but very smoky morning when we got up.

 IMG_4611IMG_4612Our mountains are lost in a cloud of smoke.

We both tackled unloading the motorhome and made short work of it.  Michael then set out to wash the jeep and motorhome.  I started cleaning on our poor neglected house.  Laundry done and a clean house—makes me feel good!  Late this afternoon I cleaned the inside of both the jeep and little convertible.  We are just way too spiffy around here!

Nat came for lunch and we had leftovers from our camping trip—ham and roasted new potatoes from my garden!!!  Lots of ripe tomatoes when we got home, too. 

Our temps are much cooler—not even 80 degrees today but it is still so very dry.  I told Rollie to send me some of that hurricane Isaac rain they got in Louisiana!!

The motorhome is back in its parking spot and it is doubtful we will get out again before colder weather starts.  September is a busy month for us—I have tons of customer quilts to do, a wedding to attend in Kansas City and my sister Ann and brother-in-law Danny are coming to visit the end of September.  Lots of birthdays to celebrate in September, too!


  1. We've almost forgotten what the mountains look like around here. The smoke is just horrible. By the way, I have a fifth wheel that sure could use a good cleaning. Hint, hint.

  2. a productive day at your house!! goodness!!

  3. Too bad about all those fires and smoke in Montana but I guess it beats the hurricanes and flooding. You have a very busy September ahead of you.

  4. Wishing you some good rains to quell the smoke and extinguish the fires.


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