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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Nice Fall Day

IMG_4730A little on the warm side but nice.  There is a slight chance for rain in the forecast this week—we can only hope!!

Michael spent the day puttering in the shop and hauling dirt to Geoff and Nancy.  I spent the day doing laundry and quilting.  Of course I did have to play basketball with Emmi several times and we did take a walk this morning.

The FedEx man came this afternoon bringing Michael a new book—when I’m downstairs with the longarm droning away I can’ t hear a knock on the door but I have Emmi—only recently has she started coming unglued when someone drives in or knocks on the door—our very own alert system packaged in one tiny, very vocal 11 pound dog!!

A few days ago at the insistence of an unnamed friend (named Brenda) I started allowing anonymous comments on the blog again.  Well, the folks with nothing better to do came out all ready—nothing too bad yet, just annoying, must be nice to have nothing to do but sit around and think up ways to irritate bloggers????

And that’s all that happened today around here!


  1. What a gorgeous photograph of the changing colors in your area. We have a 10 lb. alarm system too.

  2. Pictures with Birch trees seem always to bring out a warm feeling. This one is no exception:)

  3. Hm. Well, though I do not have a blog, I will always sign my responses. All you anonymous pests, look elsewhere for entertainment.


  4. Please know there are a lot of readers out here that thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and have to sign in as anonymous because they, like me, just cannot remember another password to log into programs.
    Love to see your quilts and photos.
    Bev in NS Canada.

  5. well you got two nice 'anon' comments..nice to see that not all are 'bad'!

  6. What a fantastic photo of the Birch trees and all the colors in the woods. Fall is definitely a great time for taking pics!

    We have 2 of those 'alarms' here at home. All Molly and Rylie need to hear is a knock on the door or a doorbell and they go berserk!

  7. Yep, that is a pretty picture Janna!! I'm still on "fast Forward"!! Haha! Tomorrow is blow out the pipes day!! Come on,,,lets roll!! What are you waiting for? SNOW??

  8. Hmm I can seem to get myself in trouble without even trying lol. I just wanted the name/URL back on I never said anything about anonymous lol. Yes you have had some nice comments as well.

    some good news I am 99 percent sure we will be seeing you on or about the 26th of October. Yay!!!!!!!

  9. Oh my, that is one of the most beautiful fall pictures. Enjoy these beautiful fall days!

  10. Nice fall photo. As much as we enjoy this time of the year, we also look forward to planning for our snow birding adventures. Although we do not suffer the wrath of snow, here on the Canadian west coast, the short days and often dreary rains fire up our desires to seek sun and heat in the southern US climes.

  11. I could stare at those woods all day long, every day. To bad they don't last. They are better than what we are looking at in Alabama right now. Don't see any bears...


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