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Friday, September 7, 2012

A Very Good Day

Another chilly morning greeted us and we took our walk in jackets!!  The high today was a very pleasant 75 degrees—Sunday we are under another red flag warning with low humidity, high temps and wind—no rain in sight!

The day just seemed to melt away—I spent a lot of time on the phone receiving birthday wishes from family and friends—a great time to talk on the phone! 

Michael drove over to the West Boulder and investigated a septic tank job he is doing and while he was gone I made a shrimp/pasta/tomato dish for lunch—my own creation and delicious! 

Our plans for the evening with friends fell through due to an illness on their part so Michael and I tried out my birthday present—I’m feeling pretty special this birthday—he ordered me two (because I knew if we only got one there would be a fight over who sat in it) LaFuma zero gravity lounge chairs.

IMG_4627We enjoyed a very nice happy hour on the deck sitting in our new chairs.  It was a wonderful birthday and I am one blessed lady for sure!


Not quite as smoky around here today.  Just a very good day in Montana.


  1. Happy Birthday, Janna!
    You are going to love those chairs. LaFuma's are the best.
    Stay safe.

  2. Happy Birthday Janna! I enjoy reading about your daily escapdes!

  3. happy birthday Janna!!..enjoy the best seats in the house!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Janna. Great picture of you guys in your beautiful new chairs!

  5. Hmmmm, sounds like someone may have had a Birthday up your way. Nothing like a good bit of anti-gravitating to celebrate the day......:))


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