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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Sunday At Home

OK, it’s another boring day around the homestead here!  No cows to vaccinate, no bears, just us and Emmi. 

The most exciting thing to happen today—Nat came for lunch—burgers on the grill, corn on the cob from our garden (not very good corn but from our garden), roasted potatoes and some sliced tomatoes from the garden with chocolate ice cream for dessert.  Oh, and I used a new mixture to marinate pineapple then grilled it—super delicious!

I spent the day struggling with that quilt—finally about 6pm this evening I got a design in my head and just went with it—Michael came in and said, “that looks great!”  Hurray!!!

What is it with Apple, did Steve Jobs sit around and think up ways to frustrate us???  I received my first Apple product two years ago for Christmas, an iPod—every time I try to use the thing which is often I end of cussing and almost throwing the thing across the room.  Usually I turn to YouTube to find videos which will usually help me solve my problem—not today, I’ve got an audiobook on the iPod in the wrong place—in music, not books so when the chapter changes the iPod takes you back to the beginning of that same chapter, not the next chapter.  And if things were working as they should with the audiobook showing up in iTunes also, I could fix this problem but NOOOOOO—the audiobook won’t show up in iTunes, anywhere!!!  GRRRRR

Michael spent the day building wooden crates for shipping the longarm table--

2012 quilting machineThis is a photograph of the quilt frame we sold—as you can see it is big, the black rails are each a little over ten feet long, the end pieces are big and awkward.  The sewing machine head (the big silver thing) wasn’t included in the deal, just the frame.  This whole set-up is referred to as a longarm quilting machine—meaning the space between the needle and the back of the machine is “longer” than a regular sewing machine—it has a 26 inch throat where as my regular sewing machine has only about a 7 inch throat.  OK, that’s your sewing lesson for today—see I told you it was boring around here!  Notice the Bouse, AZ desert out the back door of the trailer? 


  1. There is nothing more frustrating than technology when it doesn't work right!!! Stay calm!!!

  2. So I went to a quilt show in Roswell Friday, and I saw a longarm that wasn't as long as this one. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to talk to the folks with their sewing machines and longarm displays, but I was shocked to see how much just the Bernina sewing machine was...$490.00 and it was ON SALE. Are the longarms just as expensive? Wow.

    Lovely quilts all around, though. There was a small display of first time quilters and many displays of fabulously intricate designs and fantastic colors.

  3. Er...correction. The machine was 890.00. Sorry for the goof above.

  4. sorry to hear about your ipod not e-reader {KOBO} bit the dust this past week..over the warranty time so now it can be used as a paper weight!


  6. Have had a lot of frustration with my iPod as well. Luckily, I only use it while we are traveling.

  7. Gee, I didn't see our motorhome out that back door! Sorry for the iPod trouble, technology is always fun, then just when you get it figured out, "they" go and change things again!

  8. Tomatoes and Chocolate Ice Cream are a combination I never thought of trying.

  9. Thanks for telling me what a long arm machine is. I always wondered what that word meant.

    I, too, thought that was an unusual combination. :)

  10. Howdy J&M,

    Thatz a whale of a sewing machine!!! It looks kinda like my radial-arm saw!!

    I bet Mike had fun 'crating' it for shipping!!! Where's the bears?? Have fun!!


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