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Sunday, September 9, 2012

And Another Birthday Celebration

I am one spoiled birthday girl this year and I am loving it!!!  Jill and Terry took Michael and me to Roscoe, MT and the Grizzly Bar this afternoon for a late lunch, early dinner.  Terry decided to take some back roads—I was sure we needed to be dropping bread crumbs but we came in the back side of the little community of Roscoe—right where we should have been.  The best thing about the Grizzly Bar is the dessert—ice cream rolled in tiny chocolate chips, drizzled with raspberry sauce and whipped cream—to die for!

Emmi stayed with Nat—when we got back Mike’s cousin Shelley stopped by to visit Nat.  She had come down from Kalispell to visit her Mom Helen who is the lady we visited in the nursing home this past week.  It was good to see Shelley—she is an operating room nurse like me.

There sure were a lot of suicidal deer on the road tonight just dying to jump into our convertible with us—YIKES!  On the way home we could see smoke boiling up from the Pine Creek fire over near Livingston.  Our weather forecast is for high winds and single digit humidity tomorrow!

IMG_4661A grainy photo but you get the idea!  Another YIKES!

It has been a fabulous weekend, I am so blessed to have such good friends!!  Thanks to all of you!!


  1. You sure know how to celebrate a birthday - good for you! A Grizzly Bear Bar is better than meeting up with a real Grizzly!!

  2. What a wonderful way to wind up your birthday weekend!! The ice cream sounds delicious. Praying those wildfires are put out soon!!!

  3. At the rate you're going it will be time for your next birthday by the time you finish celebrating this one. :)

  4. Lucky girl. I am lucky if any one remembers my birthday:)

  5. You did enjoy a nice birthday celebration with friends. Very nice!

    We know hunters who have had no luck with bagging a deer this season and your local deer try to jump into your car. What's with that? A few years back our son was leaving my sister's home and his vehicle was hit broadside by a deer jumping out of the woods. It caused over $3,000 in damages.

  6. Your birthday week sure sounds like a lot of fun!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. We have another day of high wind, heat and low humidity in store for tomorrow. Just hope no fires get started. DH's brother is Fire Chief here and the whole Dept. is dreading harvest season and the possibility of fires caused by equipment. If only we could get some rain.


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