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Friday, September 14, 2012

the Day Before THE DAY

Can you believe I managed to sleep until almost 8am this morning—black out curtains and a cool, quiet room makes a lot of difference!

We were to meet Kelly at the Classic Cup for breakfast/lunch this morning—close enough for a walk from our hotel.

  IMG_2500IMG_2504Kelly is the one sitting beside me, mother of the groom!  We walked around in the Plaza for a while after our delicious breakfast then Kelly was off to do some last minute MOG stuff.  Elaine and I shopped for a while longer before heading back to the hotel, dropping off stuff and heading off again—to Kelly’s.  We only stayed for just a little while before deciding we two ladies needed some “feet up” time.  It was Mimi’s (aka Kelly) grandson’s birthday a few weeks ago and Mimi had planned a little delayed celebration for this afternoon.


Tonight was rehearsal dinner and although Elaine and I had no rehearsing to do we were invited to the grand party and a grand party it was!!  Kelly as usual is the hostess with the most!!  The venue was to die for—cocktails and appetizers on the roof overlooking the Kansas City skyline:

IMG_2534IMG_2545-001Kelly with her husband Tom.

IMG_2537Trese, Elaine, me and Kelly.

IMG_2550Alison is the beautiful bride—in the red stripe.  IMG_2542And Ryan is the groom—the younger one, sorry Dennis!

The bride and groom live in Chicago, Ryan grew up in Kansas City, the bride in Chicago so tonight we had Chicago hotdogs and Kansas City bar-b-que.  There is a process to eating Chicago hotdogs—bright green relish, little peppers (the name escapes me), NO catsup I’m told by the bride’s father, mustard only and a whole bunch of other things I never ate on a hotdog but evidently is required on a CHICAGO hotdog.  They were good!!!  And so was the bar-b-que!! 

Elaine and I sat at a table with Kelly’s good friend Trese, her husband Dennis, Kelly’s brother John and his wife Bev, and Kelly’s Dad John—we were a rowdy group.  For dessert Kelly had these tiny individual bite size pies served—the first one was pretty good and as the second one was going into my mouth Kelly’s 83 year old Dad says to me, “how many of those have you had?”  WHAT—the pie automatically came out of my mouth and I just died laughing.  I told him that wasn’t a question he should be asking ladies!!

We are two tired, happy ladies tonight—tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!! 


  1. I guess when you get to the age of 83, you can ask just about anything you'd like. Of course, my "charming" father was considerably younger when he thought he'd point out that my wife had "put on a few pounds". Nice.
    Looks like you're having a fabulous time, even if you only got one of those little pies!

  2. I trust you went ahead and ate the pie! You're looking great, and looks like you're having a fun time!

  3. So much fun and good food. Hope the big day goes off without a hitch.

  4. Everyone, including you, looks just so happy! Nice to see you enjoying yourself, pie included!

  5. Looks like you're having a great time with your friends, Janna. And, you are eating good too I'm glad to see - Chicago Hot Dogs and as many little pies as you can handle - what a great holiday!! I wonder if Mike had a Montana Hot Dog for dinner tonight?


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