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Friday, November 19, 2010

Yikes, Why Aren’t We Leaving

First big snowfall Nov 10 Winter came and got us today.  I was downstairs quilting last night about 7pm, came upstairs, flipped the outside lights on and got a surprise, about 3 inches of snow.  It must have snowed all night—woke to about 7 inches.  It snowed all day and tonight we have about 10 inches on the deck rails.  We would indeed be gone from here if we didn’t have post-surgical checkups in December.  That arctic cold front Rick was talking about has hit us—as I type it is about 10 degrees.

I had customer quilts to deliver and quilts to be picked up.  We arranged to meet Jill and Terry for an early dinner and off we went to town—not our smartest move!  The roads are terrible, very slick, lots of snow and tonight on the way home, wind. 

That’s about it for our day in Montana.  We took a walk this morning and poor Emmi was just loaded down with snow balls, poor baby.  I don’t think she is too fond of snow either.  My Michael and my Emmi


  1. what a pretty front yard..all glistening in white!!

  2. It started snowing here about 2 hours ago and I just peeked but it is too dark to see how much accumulation. Hope it does not stay for too long. The snow makes for pretty pictures though. I like yours.

  3. It is so cold here as well - wind blowing and snowing sideways. Stay warm!

  4. I had forgotten about snowballs on the dogs. You are bringing me lots of memories of happy snow times. :)
    Beautiful photo of the lake area.

  5. Like Vera said, it snowed a bit here on the Island last night but we only got a light dusting of the stuff. Enough to make for some nice pics but that's about it.

  6. Oh I am not missing that at all. Our Son sent us a picture of the Farm yesterday and it looks just like that. I am glad we got out of there.

    Keep Warm


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