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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tension Headaches!

Normally my longarm gives me no tension problems but today its tension problems gave me a tension headache!  I wish quilters would think about this—if you use a very dark colored backing for your very light colored quilt top, the longarm quilter is going to have one heck of a time choosing threads to match!  Because if I use black thread on the backing and a lighter colored thread on the top, it is almost impossible to adjust the tension so as not to get what we call “pokies”—the top thread pulls the darker thread to the front and it shows on the lighter colors.  I don’t like the way it looks and I doubt the owner of the quilt will either—so a ripping I go!

Michael worked on the Jeep again today replacing the transfer case rear oil seal—sure am glad I have a mechanic for a husband!  He does good work. 

At the spring quilt retreat and again at this fall retreat, we all teased Shirley about her noisy sewing machine telling her she really should have the poor thing seen about.  Well, she called today, “it died.”  Shirley brought it up to Michael, he cleaned, oiled and found where the lose washer that was rattling around belonged.  He also did some minor adjustments and took it home to her tonight, getting a glass of George’s good wine as partial payment!

Rick will be so proud of me, I switched internet browsers!!!  About a week ago I switched to Google Chrome after getting sick to death of all the stupid pop-up messages Internet Explorer 8 kept sending me, “do you wish to only view the content sent via secure server” or some stupid nonsense—every time I opened an email, every time I tried to leave a comment on someone’s blog!  It was driving me crazy.  So far, so good.  I am having a little trouble finding things, I miss the toolbar on Internet Explorer and I can’t seem to figure out how to get back to a previous page except by clicking on the “back” arrow.  But, Chrome is so much faster and so far has no goofy messages.

Cold again today, very cold, our high was about 25 all day.  We did take some walks and Emmi still enjoyed herself—Mike and I shivered!

Boone Mtn November


  1. Brrrr, that looks cold, we are still running from that cool weather and have yet to put away our winter coats, it is still cool at night.

  2. I've been using Google Chrome for my blog layout, reading other blogs, and a few other things, but I still use IE too, because it's easier for me to find things with my favorites and toolbars.

    Your pictures today sure are a contrast to ours, we wish you could get south faster, but understand why you can't. Stay warm by the fire, we'll see you before long!

  3. That sewing machine course Mike took seems to be paying off. I should check that out myself.

    I'm glad to hear you like Chrome and are finding it easy to use. It takes some time as all the usual 'clutter' is gone. But, it is fast and that's what I like.

    As for the toolbar, if you click on the little wrench in the upper right hand corner, it will display most of the normal toolbar functions.

  4. I am with JB, that looks very cold! It was in the high 70's today and will not freeze tonight here in northern GA.

  5. good for you for going to Google Chrome! have tried it but I miss my 'roboform'..have a great day! the snow shots!

  6. I don't like the IE browser either but I use Firefox. I found that at times I cannot open certain attached files in Chrome. I don't know why that is. The same attachments are easily opened with Firefox or IE.
    Hope your headache will go away.

  7. Has that my quilt?? If so, you can blame the place I bought the kit at!!!! Ta-Ta Mary F


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