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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My goal for this week was to longarm a quilt per day and so far so good.  The quilts are small and the quilting patterns simple. 

We just can’t seem to sleep in since the time changed, we are both wide awake at 5am and at least it has been good for my chores around here.  Before 7:30am this morning I had bread rising and 3 dozen cookies made with another 3 dozen mixed up. 

When it is daylight enough we take our walk.  No wind this morning so it wasn’t as bitterly cold.  Mr. Red, my horse was jealous that Mr. Roan had his photo on the blog so here are both horses:Mr Roan and Mr Red Fat, handsome boys!

Welcome sight This is always a welcome sight when we come up the hill from our cold walk!

Michael made lots of progress on Steve’s project today (the old truck).  His hands still swell in the day time and are sore.  He has been exercising as the doctor told him, trying to restore the muscle mass he lost when he didn’t use his arms and hands for almost two months. 

eagle Is this an eagle or not Steve??  It sure was a big bird.


  1. nice horses you have there, Janna!!

  2. You are going to get all of those quilts done - good job! Love the pic of the horses!

  3. The picture of a warm home at the end of a long walk almost makes me wish I was in the land of snow-ALMOST.

    Enjoy the great views.

  4. So Janna, are you taking orders for small quilts yet? I'd love to buy a 4x4 one for Sadie...then maybe she'll leave our bigger ones alone. Yes, I'm serious!

  5. Your home looks so warm & inviting! And it's in such a beautiful setting!

  6. Your home looks like out of a story book, very inviting.

  7. Your home with the smoke coming from the chimney would make a good Christmas Card!!

  8. have a beautiful mountain home. Maybe we'll get to see it "in person" someday. Hope Michael's hands heal real soon.

  9. post a picture of the project for us old truck fans. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  10. Rollie and I think your bird picture maybe a Hawk. Not to sure which species, heck we aren't even bird watches.LOL However, we have become pretty good at spotting bald eagles. Good to see Mr.Red & Mr.Roan. I love your cabin picture, looks like a breathtaking winter resort.

    I'm excited we are stopping at Fountain Blue State Park today to see both of "our good friends" Jim & Ellie. We miss y'all.

    Hugs & Love,
    Gina & Rollie


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