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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Making Preparations

Our high temp today was to be between 40 and 50 degrees—Michael decided to start the motorhome and pull it forward into driveway area so he could work on replacing the rubber ducting surrounding the radiator.  I heard a lot of colorful language out there but he finished the chore.  The driveway was slushy in spots and bare in others—we decided to take the coach down the steep driveway while the getting was good.  The motorhome is now parked in front of the big garage down by the road.  I loaded some stuff into it but without heat inside I can’t load much.  All the other things will have to wait until closer to time to leave.

I didn’t get much quilting accomplished today.  Nat eats lunch at the Big Timber Senior Center four days a week and then usually comes to our house for lunch at least one day per weekend.  This week the weather was so bad on Wednesday he didn’t go, Thursday and Friday the Center wasn’t open and now it is the weekend.  I decided we needed to take Nat dinner tonight as the roads still aren’t the greatest.  I had inherited a spiral cut ham this week, made some garlic mashed potatoes and salad with apples, almonds and poppy seed dressing.  We arrived at his house about 5pm and he provided the appetizer (cheese and crackers) to go with our drinks.  We had a great meal and a great time visiting.  Leftover pumpkin pie and cherry cheesecake pie completed our delicious meal.

Emmi played with her duck she keeps at Granddad’s then had to take a nap in his chair--Sitting in Granddad's chair Dortha and Ellie—Emmi’s original duck had an untimely accident this week, Emmi broke its neck.  I had purchased a couple spare ducks and today gave Emmi a new one—you should have seen her—talk about excitement—she loves her ducks!


  1. Another great dinner from the sounds of it! Emmi looks nice and comfy in that chair too!

  2. poor little ducky!..good thing you were smart enough to have a replacement!..our boy, Tucker is not allowed any stuffies..he just rips them apart anyway!..we need toys that are indistructible

  3. Boy oh boy do we ever wish we were going with you guys!

    and smart move to have *Replacement Duckies* !!!

    Karen and Steve
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