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Friday, November 5, 2010

Is It November

Our walk this morning was after the sun came up but it also was a much warmer day than the last few.  Emmi had spotted a deer when I took this shot of Michael and her. Michael and EmmiEllie and Jim here is a photo of Emmi looking like a real schnauzerSeventeen months I didn’t want to cut off all her hair as it is supposed to be winter here in Montana but you wouldn’t have known it was November from today’s weather.  About 11am Michael came into the quilting studio and said, “it’s just too nice a day not to take a drive in the car with the top down.”

So off we went to Yellowstone Park of all places!  It was wonderful, absolutely NO people, we saw very few cars or tourist.  Mammoth Not a normal Mammoth Hot Springs scene, looks deserted doesn’t it??

Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs2

Big Boy The elk were all napping under the big fir trees.

Big Boy2

Me I am the photo taker and rarely get my photo taken—Michael snapped me coming out of the visitor center at Mammoth. 

We had a great day, Michael is very tired tonight but that is probably to be expected.  Our weather is headed for a change this weekend.


  1. nice to see what Emmi looks like!!..seems like this is the time to be going to Yellowstone if you don't care for the summertime crowds!

  2. Pretty nice just to be able to go for an afternoon's drive and end up in Yellowstone Park. Thanks for the tour and great photos. Yellowstone always brings back great memories of our first RV'ing experience.

  3. It has turned cold here...colder that at your house. We may have a freeze tonight. I just love looking at the pictures. I would love to see all those elks.

  4. Hey, I think you have found the secret to visiting Yellowstone, do it in November when everyone else is heading south.

  5. What a great way to spend a glorious day! (Nice shot of you by the way...) Blessings, K

  6. Great pictures! I love the pictures of the Elk. They are beautiful creatures. Emmi looks really cute with her new haircut. Hope Michael is feeling better this morning.

  7. It is a lot more quiet in mammoth in your pictures then when we were there a few months ago.

    While there, I wondered why the Elk chose to hang around the busy town, when they had the whole park to wander.

  8. Wow, Yellowstone really does look empty. Sure different than when we were there this summer. Must have been neat to have the place to yourselves.

  9. Fantastic pics! I love the shot of Michael and Ellie. :)

    Its great that you were able to take advantage of the pretty weather before it makes a turn for the worse. Being surrounded by so much beauty, I think it would make it tough when you can't be right out there in it.


  10. Thanks for posting a picture of Emmi's hair cut. Michael, Emmi and you all look great! I'm glad you got out and enjoyed that beautiful weather.


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