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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Watching It Snow

A little more snow when we got up this morning and about 2 degrees—can you say BRRRRR??  We tried to go for a walk but it is just too cold, the snow at these temps freezes inside poor little Emmi’s paws and she just can’t go.  I did shovel a path out past the wood stack so she could do business without drowning in snowEmmi's spot and even managed to shovel down to some green grass.

Michael finished the shelves he was making for the motorhome and I have tried to quilt—did get the first batch of crosshatching done but am having a hard time deciding what design to put in some of the spaces. 

Today was the big football game here in Montana—can you imagine playing football or sitting in bleachers watching football when the temps are hovering right at zero degrees???  The University of Montana in Missoula played Montana State University which is located in Bozeman—UM has a much higher percentage of wins—well today MSU pulled off a good one, final score—MSU 21, UM 16.  Our granddaughter Katie graduated from MSU so I am sure there are some happy fans in that household today. 

Snow and more snow We have over a foot of snow on the ground, it snowed all day and the high was 10 degrees.  Here at 6pm as I type the thermometer has dipped below zero.  December 15 can’t arrive fast enough!


  1. I am an MSU fan ~ Mississippi State University. We play our big rival game next week vs Ole Miss.
    I hope we win.
    Stay warm.

  2. BRRRRR, I vaguely remember that white stuff, but my therapy sessions are working on those

  3. Oh, Janna, I almost feel guilty about all the beautiful white sand we're enjoying. Yes, hurry up, Dec. 15! We'll work on forgetting all the cold white stuff when we get to the desert, won't we!

  4. It may be cold but it sure is beautiful! K

  5. We actually got a few inches of snow last night too, but it's not as cold as Montana. Our temperature dipped down to 32F last night.

  6. hang in there time will be done soon!..try and stay warm!

  7. Get the name of a doc down south for the post-surgical check-up and head on out!!

  8. We didn't get as cold as you guys did (yet) but Winter sure is coming. Guess we will just have to hunker down here and enjoy your travels on the blog as you head south.

    Are you taking the quilting machine and trailer again this year? Or just towing the toad instead?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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