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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Why can’t people just go on about their business without bugging other people??  I used to ask that same questions of my fellow nursing employees many days in the operating room, “why can’t you just come to work and do your job without stirring the pot all the time.” 

I have had about eight comments from the same person lately—comments totally unrelated to my blog, comments totally unrelated to ANYTHING so thus I have to inconvenience the rest of my readers for one stupid spammer.  I have turned the comment moderation and word verification back on for a while and we will see if it goes away. 


  1. We will be crossing the border this morning and on our way to your neighbourhood, give us a call. 406-217-2961

  2. Say hi to John and Brenda for me, o.k. - unless, of course, JB's the spammer you're talking about!!

  3. That's too bad about the spammers. Is there a way in blogs that we can "junk mail" someone so their comment goes somewhere else? Have a REALLY NICE day anyway. Hopefully the spammer WON'T!

  4. I had to do the same thing. Took the word verification off & the apammers rolled in so had to put it back on. We just have to do what we have to do to keep those miserable low life's at bay!!

  5. Don't you just wish those people (spammers) would find better things to do with their life than annoy others!


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