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Monday, November 22, 2010

Weather Makes For Problems

Very cold again this morning but by george, we took a walk!  What will Mom think of next What do you think of our stylish dog and her new boots??  I whipped these socks up out of an old pair of Michael’s and attached elastic straps—it worked like a charm—Emmi ran around like crazy so glad to be outside without hurting feet.

Michael finished up the latest round of work on Steve’s project truck and decided to plow snow with our John Deere skidsteer which is diesel.  He had the block heater plugged in all morning and after lunch went to start the skidsteer.  Uh, OH—the diesel fuel jelled clogging the fuel filter—Michael managed to keep the skidsteer running long enough to get it into the garage where there was a fire burning in the wood stove.  Off to town Michael went in the Jeep to get a fuel filter—our driveway is treacherous  as is the road going to town.  He had to put chains on the Jeep to get back up the driveway, something we just never have to do—this snowfall has been the worst!

Where are you Mary F.—I almost have your quilt finished.  The quilt has just turned out gorgeous—are you sure you don’t want to give me this one as a gift?? 

I’ve been busy keeping the fireplace and the downstairs wood stove filled with wood.  At some point we are going to have to get up into the pasture where our extra wood is stored!  November snowfall

Rose Hips and snow


  1. I admire your spirit with all that snow. I use to love it myself, but over the years, I have had a change of heart.

    I still enjoy the pictures!


  2. love the new ensemble, Emmi!!..very nice!!!

  3. What is the temperature at your place? We have 19 F and that sure is cold for here. Using lots of wood to keep warm.

  4. With all the medical problems Mike has been having with his hands it seems having to put chains on tires in freezing cold weather really isn't going to be a positive thing. You guys just better get yourselves on down south as soon as possible.

  5. I was thinking that Emmi needed some boots. She looks so cute!! And I love the last picutre, it would be a great one to paint.

  6. Lucky Emmi! Looks like she'll be nice and warm now with that nice coat and new boots!

    Time to head south, this cold weather is the pitts!

  7. E-gads! Time to get out of those freezing temps and snow! :)

  8. You have to do lots of planning to live in snow like that. Brrr.

    I love the doggie boots. Great idea, Emmi looks so cute!

    Stay warm and be careful. :)

  9. With that Carhart and her boots, Emmi must be loving the snow. I'll bet she'll love being back in the desert, though! Soon, soon!


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