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Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Even Better Day

Michael had a really good day—I am so extremely glad my dear husband seems to be on the road to recovery!

As there was enough dust on the furniture to start a crop I decided cleaning was on the agenda this morning.  We walked early—may have to stop doing that, it sure was cold with no sunshine!

Michael decided to tackle another motorhome project—attaching our trucker antenna to the roof:Up On The Roof

Just after 1pm we got the phone call—JB and Brenda had made it across the border—yes, the US had let them enter once again.  They were about 40 miles from Big Timber so we hopped in the truck and drove to town to meet them for a late lunch.  It was just as it is with the other blogging RV people we have met—instant rapport, no conversation pauses, and lots of laughter.  We spent over 2 hours chatting and laughing before they headed east so Brenda could get her US Wal Mart fix.  We will see John and Brenda in the desert soon. 

Ran a couple of errands one of which was to purchase more mouse traps—thanks a lot Karen and Steve, I think your mouse problem rubbed off on us—we discovered a partially destroyed roll of paper towels in one of our basement bays yesterday, GRRRR—Michael is waging war!

We drove out to Nat’s and spent some time visiting with him—he always enjoys getting to see Emmi and play “duck” with her.  And speaking of Emmi, she got a bath and a haircut today—she looks like a schnauzer instead of a little puppy.  When Michael got back in the truck after our lunch with John and Brenda, Emmi told him for several minutes how unhappy she was and was still telling him when I got in the truck down the street! 

Early November Crazies


  1. We need a picture of Emmi looking like a Schnauzer!

    Good luck with the mice.

    We're very, very happy that Michael continues to feel better.

  2. sorry to hear about the new residents in the motorhome!..I say evict them!!!

  3. Glad you were able to get together with John and Brenda for lunch!

  4. Thanks for lunch and we are looking forward to crossing trails later this winter.

  5. Glad that Mike is getting better by the day.

    Making new RV friends is just the greatest part of this lifestyle! I am so glad you got to met JB and Brenda.

    Tell Mike that at least your mice ate just the TP...ours ate all the food in our snack drawer. LOL

    Take care and like Ellie said, we need pictures of Emmi!

    Hugs to you all...

  6. So glad to hear that Michael is doing well. What a relief, huh? Today's post reminded me of the day Odel and I got to meet you... what fun that was. And your final photo - gorgeous!

  7. Glad Michael is better. Good luck with the mouse problem. Love the landscape picture.

  8. Yup.. he just got number six! Read a good hint for the peanutbutter lickers. Someone on my blog said smear the peanut butter into the stretched out fibers of a cotton ball and kinda wind em around the the little metal trigger tab. Makes it hard to get off and more apt to set it off. It's working!

    Glad Michael is doing so much better. To get up on the roof, he MUST be feeling pretty good?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Hi!
    Such a beautiful photo--so glad Michael is feeling better! Loved the Yellowstone pics! We're so envious that an afternoon drive takes you there :) We were just talking about how much we miss driving to the Park--Linda n David


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