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Saturday, November 13, 2010

All Over The Place

By 9am this morning we were at Robyn and Claire’s cutting firewood and boy was it cold up there!  They live about 5 miles up the East Boulder from us and the site where we cut firewood is a north facing slope, never seeing sunshine this time of year.  My feet were frozen blocks of ice two hours later when we finished cutting, bringing home a trailer load of cut logs that Michael will finish cutting into firewood lengths later.

As Michael has gotten into repairing sewing machines he has also been keeping a close eye on what’s for sale on Craigslist.  Several weeks ago he noticed a Juki quilting machine on a Grace frame for a reasonable price.  We’ve been emailing the owner back and forth and after getting home from cutting firewood decided to go to Billings and see this machine—as if I needed another quilting machine!!??

Well—what a sweet running little machine—of course the “throat” is much smaller than my longarm but I could see a use for this little guy.  It quilted like a dream and was fun and easy to use.  So, it came home with us:Juki

We weren’t hungry when we left Billings at 5pm so decided to return to Big Timber and try the Grand again.  The gift certificate we had that is to expire in December was also a deciding factor in choice!  We sat in the bar, saw lots of Big Timber folks and enjoyed a delicious steak sandwich. 

And, finally we are home and glad to be home!


  1. Glad you got a good deal. Nice to have a few spare sewing machines around!

  2. Good thing you have more sewing machines than you need, we have none so that keeps things in balance. I know if I look hard enough back on the farm I would probably be able to find one of those sewing kits that come from a hotel I used to stay in, so we are not entirely needleless.

  3. I can not make heads or tails of that machine. I am glad you can though because you turn out some beautiful quilts.


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