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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All Ready To Go

No, not ready to go south just yet but the Juki quilting machine is all set up and ready to go.  I just need to make some new canvas leaders.The Juki

I took one quilt off the frame today, loaded another small quilt and got it finished, YEA!  It is a sweet little quilt that the customer intends to use as a tablecloth.  I used white flannel as the batting so the quilt would lay flat on a table. 

Michael got the Juki all put together and ready to go this morning, we had lunch and he spent some time this afternoon building a shelf for the motorhome.  He likes to sit in this leather office chair we purchased and prop his feet on a built in table—well, he had nowhere to put his coffee cup in the morning—so he built a shelf that will hang from the window sill and is removable.  He is so handy to have around!

We took some walks today but our weather was incredibly nasty—it was raining when we got up but mid morning the rain turned to snow/sleet and the wind was howling dropping the temps about 10 degrees.  YUK


  1. That looks like quite the quilting rig you've got there. I sure hope Paulette doesn't see it and get any ideas!

  2. you are not taking that machine with you are you Janna? I thought you told me that you were taking the winter off or am I reading your blog wrong lol. I am sure glad we are missing out on the snow. I guess a wicked storm went through Calgary last night and today they even had a high way shut down.

    Take Care

  3. That does look like a nice setup. You will do some nice quilting with it.

  4. From the weather you are describing y'all need to head south SOON!! Wonderful handyman you have there. Great idea on the shelf Michael, now you will be all nice and cozy.

  5. Yup Rick's right!! I love your Juki!! Would (almost) kill to own one!! And your quilts are gorgeous!! I would hate to leave that set up behind...even for warmer weather...and great quilt shops...!!
    Take care!


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