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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Better Day

Michael got up this morning and told me when I asked how he felt, “I feel really good today.”  That is a good thing!

And he must have felt better as he decided today was the day to fix the door on the motorhome—Rollie, where were you??  The door to the motorhome has never fit correctly—there is a terrible wind noise when we are toodling down the road.  And, I guess this problem is common to Country Coach motorhomes.  The upper part of the door is angled and thus it is attached to a big nothing causing the door to flex.  So, off came the door this morning:RV door Isn’t that the grubbiest hat you have ever seen??  And late this afternoon the door is back ondoor and it fits tighter than it ever has—so success!  And I have one tired husband!

I quilted all day, a custom quilting job that is very time consuming but I am half way through the small quilt.  I made Gina’s taco soup for lunch and homemade bread.

The weather was so nice that Emmi spent a large portion of the day outside.

Copy of Sunrise on the Crazies

We took an early walk again this morning and the sky was just pink over the Crazy Mountains.


  1. We are hovering at the border and will be down into your neighbourhood hopefully by 2:00PM. Give us a call at 406-217-2961 and we will see if we can't hook up for coffee or a late lunch or something.

  2. Yep we are only a few more hours and we will be meeting in person. I have seen a grubby hat just like that that belongs to JB lol. Isn't Gina's Taco soup to die for.

    Take Care & See you soon

  3. I sure wish that I was there helping my good friend with that door. However, Gina and I are way out in the middle of nowhere boondocking. Like 27 miles to the nearest highway. This definitely gives new meaning to the word boondocking. We are definitely loving it out here but it would be even more perfect if you guys were out here enjoying it with us. Now back to Mike. It looks likes he got that door fixed quite well. Now I agree, Gina's taco soup is good but I would much rather some of your homemade bread. Now that would be awesome!! Give JB & Brenda a hug from us. We miss y'all

    Rollie & Gina

  4. I'd be concerned about taking a door off a MH, because I know I'd never get it back on correctly and then we'd have a hurricane blowing through it on the highway!! Nice job, Mike!

  5. Glad to see that Mike is feeling like himself again...all those projects. I think all guys must have their hats, Mark's is a baseball hat. LOL

    You have made me hugry for Taco Soup...might have to put some together before long. Just need a little cooler weather.

    Oh, yes...I hope your door works better now...I just hate that wind noise.


  6. Glad Michael is feeling better and your door is all repaired. It seems like there is always something that needs a little TLC. We LOVE Gina's Taco soup. Rollie and Gina are both FANTASTIC cooks and they have spoiled us. :-)Hugs..Pat


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