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Monday, November 15, 2010

I’ve Got Lights

In the summer of 2009, Michael bought a pickup truck load of used fluorescent light fixtures.  He used several in the garage and had been planning to install a couple in my quilting room—today was the day—I now have light, lots of light over my cutting table and over the new little quilting machine.

It has been another cold, dreary, gray day with snowflakes falling for most of it.  Nothing accumulates except mud.  I can see how people get seasonal depression!

I finally finished a custom quilting job today—I have eight hours of quilting in that small 59x59 quilt—does that mean I am slow or did I do a lot of quilting??  It was a hard one and I am glad it is finished.  On to much easier stuff tomorrow. 

Michael split wood today with a sledge hammer and wedge—against my advice I might add but he seems to have done OK.  Then he installed all those light fixtures—I think is is way tired tonight.

I went out to the post office this morning and then stopped by Gemma’s to drop off thank you cookies—she and Mark brought lunch up to Michael while I was at the quilt retreat.  One of their horses died yesterday—a rough day for everybody concerned.

Mr Roan

A photo of Michael’s old roan horse, Mr. Roan (original name, right??).  As we were walking by the horses the other day, we speculated on their ages.  I got out their paperwork yesterday afternoon and Mr. Roan is twenty years old and my horse, Mr. Red (he’s a sorrel, could you have guessed that??)  will be twenty next spring.  No spring chickens anymore!

Had a couple people ask me about the pretzel recipe—use regular salted pretzels.


  1. 20 ain't that old, I had an old mare around the place that made it to 34 before I had to say goodbye.

  2. Kelly got my papers out the other day, shook her head & put them back in the drawer:((


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