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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not So Good A Day

Michael’s car ride yesterday didn’t agree with him and he has laid low today.  He sure would like to get to feeling better!  For some reason we slept in this morning and took a later walk.  Can you believe here on November 6, it was 70 degrees?? 

The Big Timber Women’s Club hosts an annual bazaar the first weekend in November every year.  I drove in to look things over, bought some cards but that was all.  Ran into Jill and her daughter-in-law—had chocolate sodas with them at Cinnabar Creek—yum! 

I also attended Wyoma’s funeral today—a friend who died about a week ago in a horse accident.  The funeral was held at the school gym and even more room was needed.  Wyoma had a heart of gold and participated in many programs dedicated to helping troubled children.  She will be missed! 

Just caught Emmi outside the yard fence snacking on horse poop—what is it with dogs????? 

I’m fixing hamburgers on the grill for supper since it feels like a summer evening. 

Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight!Mr Buck

Mr Buck2 We spotted this big boy on our walk this morning, we gave him the usual lecture about staying on our side of the fences if he didn’t want to get shot!


  1. Hope Mike is MUCH better tomorrow!!!!

  2. Yes I hope Michael is feeling better tomorrow as well. When people from the city bring their dogs to the farm that is the first thing they go for all of the horse poop. It seems to upset their owners lol. I am sorry about your friends passing I am sure it was a very sad day for you guys.

    Take Care Janna and a big Hello to Michael
    Brenda Brown

  3. Sorry to hear that Mike had a bad day. Tell him to take it easy and feel better soon.

    Enjoy the nice days while you can.

    Hugs to you both!

  4. Hope things are going better today.

    It sounds like your friend had a good sendoff and was appreciated for her good works.

    Nice big deer. I always get a bit excited when I see one. must be left over from my hunting days.


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