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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Internet Connection

Today was a great day—I met one of the “strangers” who reads my blog.  When I was cooking and serving food at the Livingston quilt show in October, Carol and her husband briefly introduced themselves but I was too busy to chat long.  Today Carol and I met for lunch in Livingston.  A fellow quilter with a positive and healthy outlook on life!  Carol quilts for herself and a little bit for other people.  I told her there was no such thing as “a little bit of quilting for other people.”  The quilts sneak in and overwhelm you!  We will do this again and thanks for buying lunch Carol!  Carol writes a blog called My Third Act, check it out! 

There is no dry cleaners in Big Timber so I dropped off dry cleaning in Livingston today—I don’t wear much anymore that needs dry cleaning but winter coats. 

Michael and Emmi held down the home front while I was gone.  Emmi decided one of my coasters that Jill gave me for my birthday was her new chew toy—bad dog!  She didn’t hurt the coaster—it just needs to go in the laundry now!  And where was Dad when this was happening??

Michael put Steve’s “project” back in the garage today—he is just so glad to be feeling better and able to work on “stuff.” 

West Boulder in Nov

It was nice to have a quilting break today!

And today on Veteran’s Day, thank you to all our past and present servicemen and women!


  1. Janna, thank you for meeting me for lunch. I have read and loved your blog for over a year. In fact, I think you and Michael inspired us to become RVer's. It was so much fun to visit in person.

  2. how great to meet a reader!!!..lucky you and her!!!

  3. Somehow I missed your last few blogs, and just got caught up. The quilt for your AZ friend is spectacular - I LOVE the colors. That's the thing about seasoned quilters. You have such a knack for matching colors and patterns. It's really beautiful!

    I'm jealous of your snow. Your photos of the snow are gorgeous and make me nostalgic for when I lived in Pollock Pines and Camino. I LOVED living in the snow, even with the extra work it made for me.

    I'm glad Michael is still doing well.

  4. Sounds like a great day-free lunch and visiting with someone with the same interests.

  5. Hi Janna isn't it so much fun to meet up with people who read your blog?

    I will surely take you up on your offer on the Chicken fried steak. I had that the other night because I don't really care for Mexican. It is not that I hate it but I have to be in the mood.

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown


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