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Monday, November 1, 2010

A Day At Home

Nothing very exciting going on around here—about the most excitement we had today was I ran vinegar through the coffee maker trying to force it to make coffee a little faster!  Made the kitchen smell kind of nasty for a while.

I made some phone calls, did the laundry and unpacked everything from the weekend.  Before I left I had loaded a quilt onto the longarm and this afternoon I got some of the border done. 

Emmi is very glad her Mom is home, she is just the sweetest little dog.  Michael didn’t gain much today, we were both thinking back over what the surgeon told us when leaving the hospital—“you won’t feel the greatest for at least a month.”  And his surgery was only a week ago. 

We did take two nice walks today, our weather is still awfully nice for the first of November. 

JB and Brenda are heading our way toward the end of the week and we hope to meet up with them for coffee/lunch/dinner, something!  Sure wish we were heading south in this nice traveling weather.

Fall and winter


  1. When will you be leaving? It sure is hard to stay home when so many people are getting ready to leave. Here is November weather on the "Wet-Coast"

  2. We will most definitely be seeing you for one of the above lol. and really looking forward to it.

    Take Care and see you soon
    Brenda Brown

  3. Hope Mike takes it easy for a bit. Surgery takes a while to get over.


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